Grab Your Free Digital Copy of Wreck-It Ralph For Connecting Your DMA to VUDU!

Disney Movies Anywhere works with iTunes. Google Play. and now VUDU! Walmart’s VUDU service joined Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) as a participating retailer, which further enhanced the ability to manage and enjoy your digital collections of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies at home and on the go! Connect your DMA account to your VUDU account and watch as all your Disney movies join your other favorite movies on VUDU making it easier than ever to enjoy your movie collections Anywhere! With VUDU on devices like smart TVs, Roku 3, Xbox One
and PlayStation 4 as well as Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, Disney Fans can watch their movies and even more devices!

For a limited time Bonus! Connect your accounts today and get a free digital copy of Wreck-it Ralph on your Disney Movies Anywhere and VUDU! Click the image below and begin the ptrocess!

Wreck it Ralph for Free SKGaleana

How to connect DMA to VUDU:
1. Log in to VUDU and DMA
2. Find the Wreck it Ralph Preview on or VUDU to to get started.
3. Click “Get Started” on DMA or click “Connect with VUDU” on the VUDU Site
4. Follow the short steps to connect and begin enjoying your Disney Movies Anywhere on even more devices with the help of VUDU!
5. Wreck-It Ralph will be automatically added to you Disney Movies Anywhere Database!

Click here for more information about Disney Movies Anywhere now on VUDU

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