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Frankenstiens Monster Box by SKGaleana
Halloween is coming so fast. I feel like I am scurrying about trying to get my act together. I need to decorate, plan a party, get costumes together, make sure Trick or treaters have candy, set up an interesting canvas so that trick or treaters enjoy their visit, and possibly throw a small carnival. So much to do and so little time.

As I wiped the sweat from my brow it hit me that other people may be trying to do the same things and may need a little help to make this Halloween a safe and fun event. So here I am sharing a tip that could help create an awesome party.

What is Halloween without treats, toys, candy and prizes? I suppose just another day.
That is why I created these treat boxes. It is a great way to add to the decor of the party and hand out as door prizes filled with candies, treats, toys, or other small items.

There are some awesome fun uses for these as well:
1. Print a bunch out and create a mobile hanging over a table.
2. Place them in centerpieces and make sure each child takes one home after the party.
3. Play find the $5.00 by having a bunch of them around the room. 1 has $5.00 while the others have spider rings or other small items. The lucky finder is the keeper.
4. Play fishing for prizes.
_____You will need:
_____a blue sheet (the water)
_____a toy fishing pole
_____Several printed treat boxes filled with candies and treats.

_____Put up the sheet to simulate water.
_____Have kids toss the line over the water to a person standing behind the sheet.
_____Have the person attach a treat box to the pole.
_____The child will then reel in the “fish” treat box.
_____Keep goiing until all kids have reeled in their treats.

There are so many other uses. Be sure to share how you used them at your party. I would love to hear the awesome ideas. 😀

The boxes below are Monster Treat boxes and spooky treat boxes.
Click on the image to be taken to my SKGaleana Etsy store where you can get the instant Downloads.

Vampire Monster Treat Box
Mummy Monster Treat Box
Frankenstein’s Monster Treat Box
Black Cat Treat Box
Spooky Bat Treat Box
Creepy Skull Treat Box

I hope these add to your halloween party and really help set the mood.
Keep your eye on my blog, cuz there will be other helpful Halloween tips, printables and more 😀

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  1. Oh! It’s so cute! My kids and our neighborhood will surely be happy receiving these awesome Halloween boxes! These will definitely added to my Halloween party!

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