Happy Halloween from the Ghouls from Slugterra!


It is Oct. 31!! Let me take this moment and wish all of you a Happy Halloween! Enjoy the parties, the treats, the tricks, the costumes, and all the fun events! It is the only Halloween of 2016 so make it count! After all, what other day is it acceptable to dress up and scare people out of their wits? I think it is safe to say we all become kids on Halloween!



To help with the festivities, The ghouls from Slugterra have also joined in on the ghoulish Halloween fun. In honor of today, they have taken a group photo and turned it into a coloring page! What better way to be a kid and have fun with the family then coloring your favorite ghoul slugs from Slugterra! It even features Goon! To download this free coloring page, click the image below then save the PDF to your computer! It is so easy that even a slug can do it.



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