Hatchy Birthday Printables from Spin Master Hatchimals


Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside colorful eggs. Play, love and adore the eggs and your little creature will hatch and become a fun new friend to train and grow! Each Hatchimal is special and it’s up to you to help them hatch, play with them, and raise them. These are very difficult to find at the moment, but if your lucky you can grab one on Amazon.com or other participating retailers.


To celebrate the hatching of your new friend, this joyous time deserves a wonderful Hatchy Birthday Party! In anticipation of this wonderful occasion, Hatchimals.com has prepared a few printables to help celebrate the birthday. With 6 special printables the party will be a big success. For the best Hatchy Birthday Party, send out invitations for the special day, print and color the banner, Get the name cards ready, Have plenty of party hats printed for all the Hatchimal guests, Print the party game, and have activities ready for the guests.



The printable activities are free to download. Simply click the images below or go to Hatchimal.com and click the images there. Then print and create for the best Hatchy Birthday party!

Pin the Beak on the Hatchimal
Name Cards
Party Banner
Party Hats for Hatchimals
Coloring Page

More about Hatchimals
Care, nurture, and play with your Hatchimal’s egg. Tap the egg and your Hatchimal will tap back. Listen to hear its heartbeat, turn the egg upside down, and watch the eyes light up from inside the egg. It’s a mystery who’s inside — it’s a surprise!

When your Hatchimal is ready to hatch, you’ll see rainbow eyes! Your Hatchimal can’t hatch without you! Encourage yours by holding and rubbing the egg. Hatching can only happen once, so make sure to share the experience!

Now that you’ve met your new Hatchimal, it’s ready to play and grow. Give your Hatchimal a name and raise it through 3 stages: from baby, to toddler, to kid. At each stage they’ll sing “Hatchy Birthday”! Hatchimals really walk, talk, dance, play games, and more.

What’s In The Box/Battery Requirements

  • 1 Hatchimal
  • 1 Instruction Booklet
  • 1 Reference Guide
  • Requires 2 AA LR6 Batteries (Included)
  • Not for Kids 3 and Under.

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