Hello Kitty is Heading to the Big Screen

Hello Kitty Movie

Wow! Apparently, in 2019, Japanese lifestyle company Sanrio is planning to finance and produce a feature based on the Japanese brand Hello Kitty. This iconic character feature will have a budget of $160 million-$240 million including P&A (deadline)…

Hello Kitty Movie OMG

$160 million-$240 million…I had no idea that a Hello Kitty movie would be such an endeavor. Hopefully that means this will be one cute movie that will honor the fandom that follows her. I guess we will have the answer in about four years. In the mean time, enjoy some free Hello Kitty Paper Crafts, wallpapers, and social calendars from the Sanrio website. Simply click the image below to fly over to the freebies and download the one you wish to create or download and save them for a later date.

Free Hello Kitty Paper Crafts


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