Hold Onto Your Diapies, Babies! Rugrats The Complete Series Has Been Released on DVD – Review

Hold on to your diapies babies, Nickelodeon has released the entire series of Rugrats on DVD. This also includes the special All Growed Up, which started the Rugrats spinoff ‘All Grown Up’! Fans and soon-to-be fans can now binge watch the entire collection, which arrives on a 26-disc set. The collection features all 9 seasons and 5 bonus shorts starring our favorite babies, Tommy, Chucky, Kim, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Dill, and Susie. The only thing that is missing are the Rugrats movies.

I received the chance to review the collection and here is what I thought.

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When the DVD collection arrived in the mail, I will admit I was a bit shocked. When I think about a 26 disc set, I expected a lot bigger package. My head had the idea that each season would be in it’s own case and that this collection would be about six to 12 inches wide. However, the packaging is tight and condensed. It is about 2.5 inches wide along the spine, which means it won’t take up much room on the DVD shelf.

The condensed feature of the DVD collection does mean that the DVDs are cramped within the DVD case with each DVD spinning and sliding against one another. This layered affect will eventually cause scratching, if it hasn’t already. Also, the DVDs don’t stay well in the package. They constantly fall out because the locking mechanisms for the center of the DVDs doesn’t work or is non-existent. Because of these two flaws, I suggest finding a DVD storage case (affiliate link) for all 26 DVDs. They are pretty cheap and are well worth the investment. The one I found on Amazon.com actually holds 80 DVDs giving us more space to hold other poorly packed series.

Thankfully, each DVD is numbered extremely well with the season and disc number etched on the front. This makes it easy to organize the DVDs in a DVD storage case and it makes it easy to find our place once we come back to watch more Rugrats. Let’s face it, watching all 9 seasons in one sitting is probably not on everyone’s to-do list. With over 67 hours of play time, I would suggest dividing the series up into manageable watching events. If we watch 8 hours a day, we could finish the entire series in 9 days, that should be manageable enough. HAHAHAHA! Actually, since we have them on DVD, we don’t have to worry about our streaming service removing them from the database when we just start watching the final season of a show we are now extremely invested in, so we can watch it at our leisure. I have had a few horrific “Noooooooo!”s in my streaming days, which has led me to start collecting my favorite TV series on DVD or Blu-ray.

I will be honest, I love this series. I was a fan in the 90s and I am still a fan today. In my opinion, the case’s imperfections don’t diminish the absolute joy of the Rugrats show. I am not buying the DVD collection for the case, I am buying the collection for every episode of the babies’ escapades, their adventures, their struggles, their triumphs, and more. Rugrats has a strong fanbase and continues to draw crowds to their iconic show. Since the 90s, the life of a baby and their adventures has captured the viewers into their magical world The fact that this entire series has been released on DVD is something fans have been waiting to buy for over a decade. I am certain a plastic box will not stop fans from enjoying the series we all love.

When it comes to the collection of shows, the first two season have a strange imperfection. For very 11 minute episode, we have to watch the opening theme and the credits. However, this stops once we reach season 3. Other than that, this is 90s charm with our beloved Rugrats. I am so happy the entire series of Rugrats has been released. When I or my family needs epic 90s nostalgia or great adventure stories, I just pop in a DVD and we watch a few episodes. They are short and sweet making them great for a quick watch or we can watch six segments in the span of an hour. This is a fantastic collection of friendship, trust, bravery, morals, and curiosity. I give the show five starts.

As for the case, let’s pretend it doesn’t exist. When you purchase Rugrats The Complete Series, purchase a DVD storage case as well, place the DVDs in their designated sleeves, and move on to the awesomeness that is Rugrats.

Be sure to grab the printable Rugrats coloring page from my blog here or by clicking the image below. This will take you to another page where you scroll down, click the image, and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and color!

Thanks Nickelodeon for providing the DVD s to conduct this review.
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