Host a Strange Magic Party With These Printables

Finally, after waiting for so long, Strange Magic is now available on DVD, Digital HD/SD and On-Demand! I guess it is true, all good things are worth waiting for..or was that fighting for? I suppose, whatever the answer is, we still get to see a love-will-triumph-over-all movie.

StrangeMagicDVD copy

Now that this movie has become available to all of us, I suppose the next step (after we purchase the movie) is have a fantastic Strange Magic party. It’s time to get all the friends and family together and watch a movie that came from the mind of George Lucas. With this Strange Magic Party Kit, hosting this party is a breeze. It comes with:

    Invitations – need people to have a party,
    Thank you Cards – thank them for coming to the party,
    Bog King Mud Pie Recipe – featuring milk, Oreos, Gummy worms, Walnuts, Instant chocolate pudding mix, and chocolate graham cracker pie crust,
    Fairy Wings Decorations – Cut them out and display to add magic to the atmosphere,
    Magic Fairy Jar craft – Bring the fairies to life with a magical glow,
    Strange Magic Potion Drink Recipe – featuring Sprite, grenadine and Maraschino cherries,
    Sunny Printable Party Hat – With any party, there needs to be party hats

So basically, anything we may need to host this party comes in a seven page PDF! To download this awesome Party Kit Click the image below. A PDF will pop up that can be saved. Then it is a simple print and create sort of deal.

Strange Magic Printable Party Pack

Grab a copy of Strange Magic from and begin a magical journey.

We also have other free Strange Magic printables and crafts that may be a nice touch for hosting a Strange Magic Party. Check them out by clicking the links below
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