How To Make Disney Fourth-of-July Fairy Cookies

Serve some delicious cookies this fourth-of-July with the tiny cute Fairy Cookies! These cookies show off the red, white, and blue and will make a great addition to the 4th of July BBQ or Party! They are simple to make so everyone can join in and be little baker fairies! According to,

These sweet flower treats may be teeny-tiny but you’ll find plenty of pixie patriotism on the ingredients list. Plus, young elves will have a ball frosting the cookie blossoms and adding the red and blue fondant centers.


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This recipe requires pre-made Sugar cookie dough, so either make that first or purchase it from the grocery store. Note: If the store-bought brand of cookie dough you use is too soft to hold the cookie shapes while baking, you can knead in a little extra flour to stiffen it prior to rolling it out.

What You’ll Need
• Batch of chilled sugar cookie dough (homemade or store bought)*
• Rolling pin
• Flour
• Wax paper
• 2 flower-shaped fondant cutters, one about 1-1/2-inch wide and another about 3/4-inch wide
• Baking sheets
• Spatula
• Cooling rack
• White cookie icing
• Fondant (red and blue)
• Powdered sugar
• White sugar pearls (found in the baking aisle of the grocery or craft store) or similar-looking small white candies

How To Make It
1. Working on a flour-dusted sheet of wax paper, roll out the cookie dough to a 3/8-inch thickness. Use the larger of the two fondant cutters to cut out a bunch of flower shapes from the dough. Bake the cookies according to the recipe directions and then transfer them to a wire rack to cool.

2. Roll out both of the fondant colors separately between sheets of wax paper. Use the smaller fondant cutter to cut out an equal number of red and blue flower centers so that, in total, you have enough for all the cookies.

3. Gently press a sugar pearl partway into the fondant in the center of each of the red and blue flowers.

4. Working with one cookie at a time, frost the surface with white icing. Then gently press a fondant flower partway into the icing at the center of the cookie. Let the icing set up before serving.

Then Simply Display and Enjoy for a Fairy of a good time this 4th of July!

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