HP Sponsors Free Disney Princes Party Printables

disney Princess Party Printables sponsored by HP

HP, the ink and printer company, has sponsored the most beautiful collection of Disney Princess printables, crafts and recipes on family.disney.com. And when I say beautiful I mean it is an absolutely elegant and fabulous collection. They have thought of everything to make A Disney Princess Party a success!

To quote Family.disney.com and HP,

Print, glue, cut, and bake a beautiful Disney Princess party with your little ones. We’ve created everything you need to throw a Disney Princess party, with crafts, recipes, and printables inspired by Rapunzel, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle.

Check out their marvelous YouTube video and let your imagination soar.

The printables include beautiful decorations and recipes that no inspiring princess can refuse.

  • The Gorgeous Birthday Banner features a tiara emblem and two doves with the banner shimmering beautiful pastel colors of teal, gold, rose, lavender, and sea green.
  • The Place Cards are decorated with an emblem from each of the five featured Disney Princesses in matching colors.
    • Ariel – A Seashell (sea green)
      Belle – A Rose (Gold)
      Jasmine – A Lamp (Teal)
      Aurora – A Tiara (Rose)
      Rapunzel – A Sun (lavender)
  • The Quote Posters can be framed or displayed in several different locations to give the party a Disney Princess flare. There are five designs for each of the five featured princesses with their emblem and color.
    • Ariel – :Life in the bubbles”
      Belle – “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere”
      Jasmine – “it’s all so Magical”
      Aurora – “If you dream a thing more than once it is sure to come true”
      Rapunzel – “Live Your Dream”
  • The Disney Princess Invitations and Thank you cards are a beautiful combination of each princess’s colors and logo. Each card needs to be filled out with the appropriate information desired, leaving it to us to create our very own unique invitations and thank you cards.
  • The Disney Princess Party Chair Applique are a Logo from each of the featured Princesses in their matching colors. Simply follow the instructions with a little tulle or fabric and every chair at the party will be an elegant throne.
  • Rapunzel’s Cupcake Paint Palette is a great way for party guests to decorate their desserts, using cupcakes as their canvas and sprinkles as their paint.
  • Aurora’s Blue and Pink Cupcakes reenact the dress-making scene with cupcakes. Should it be Blue, Pink, or Green…Perhaps a Swirl?
  • Ariel’s Oyster Pearl Cookies are under the sea delights with a cute candy pearl
  • Jasmine’s Gem Goblets are Arabian goblets perfect for serving the royal drinks
  • Belle’s Enchanted Paper Rose is the perfect magical tabletop decoration. Just be careful not to touch it. We don’t need a beast destroying the party.
  • All of these printables crafts and recipes are free to download and use to help make the most perfect Disney Princess Party ever! Simply click the images below to download the printables or get the instructions for the crafts and recipes.

    Birthday Banner
    HP Place Cards
    Quote Posters
    Thank You Cards
    Chair Applique
    Rapunzel’s Cupcake Paint Palette
    Aurora’s Blue and Pink Cupcakes
    Ariel’s Oyster Pearl Cookies
    Jasmine’s Gem Goblets
    Belle’s Enchanted Paper Rose
    For more information and Disney Princess Printables see family.disney.com

    Here are some other items from amazon.com to help create the effect such as napkins, table covers, and more!

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