Incredibles 2 is Incredibly Jack-Jack Aware

When there is a chance for the superheroes to come out of hiding, Bob is all over it and ready to do his part….as a stay-at-home dad. Not the job he was hoping for, but worth it in order to give superheroes a positive spin in the public eye. On Nov. 6th. Incredibles 2 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray, allowing every incredible fan to see just how well Bob is at being a full time dad.



Thanks to Disney/Pixar, I received a copy of the blu-ray to review. possible SPOILERS below.

To be honest, much of what Bob goes through when taking care of the kids is cliche and possibly overused…until Jack-Jack pops into the picture. For whatever reason, in the 2004 Incredibles movie, the Parr family never realized Jack-Jack had powers. However, they figure it out in Incredibles 2 when Jack-Jack starts disappearing and transporting from one place to another. The only way to bring him back are Num NUm cookies (recipe here).

Incredibles 2 at this point transforms from a story about superheroes struggling for the right to fight villains and becomes a story about Jack-Jack and his crazy, teleportation, transforming, duplicating, and flying powers. There are more powers to include but who can list them all. Seriously, Jack-Jack is a container of all powers shaken together and spilled out into an unsuspecting family. Even the city wildlife isn’t safe from Jack-Jack’s awesomeness. In fact, the Raccoon never had a chance.

There seems to be only one person that can handle Jack-Jack in all his glory and that is Edna Mode. She willingly takes the baby for the night to make him a suit to help keep the child under control, if only for a while. Disney made a short film called “Auntie Edna”, sharing just what happened while Edna babysat Jack-Jack. My nieces watched the short and thought it was hilarious. When Jack-Jack morphed into Edna and during the duplication with babies everywhere, laughter was at an all time high. All I could get out of their smiling faces was, “This is so funny” and “Can we watch it again?”

You can check out a clip from the “Auntie Edna short here:

Jack-Jack the Movie….I mean Incredibles 2 is fun to watch, especially with Jack-Jack so front and center. My family and I enjoyed it and we will be watching it again.

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    • Kiara on 11/10/2018 at 08:11

    I loved the scene where he was fighting the raccoon

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