Incredibles 2 Printable Activities & Coloring Pages

Incredibles 2 arrives in theaters June 15! Honestly, I have been waiting for this installment since The Incredibles premiered in November of 2004. That is nearly 14 years! With such a long wait, I am sure the next two weeks of waiting will be a breeze…I hope.



In anticipation of Incredibles 2 hitting theaters this June, Disney has released several printables that fans and kids can enjoy while we wait.

The printables include

  • Six Coloring Pages featuring the Incredibles
  • Two Recipes
  • Three Door Hangers
  • Printable Memory Game
  • Find the Path Activity
  • Coupon Book with special chores that will be done
  • To get these cool printables, click the images below and save the PDFs to your computer. Then print and create for some incredible fun. Be sure to make some Num Num cookies. We don’t need any Jack-Jacks disappearing while we play.

    Violet Coloring Page
    Mrs. Incredible Coloring Page
    Jack Jack Coloring Page
    Mr. Incredible Coloring Page
    Elastigirl Coloring Page
    Dash Coloring Page
    Bob’s Incredible Waffles Recipe
    Jack-Jack’s cookie Num Num Recipe
    Door Hangers
    Find the path
    Memory Game
    Coupon Book

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