Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book is a Delightful Magical Adventure

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book combines all of the classic characters from Peter pan (including Tinker Bell!) with the characters From Jake and the Never Land pirates! Kids will recognize their favorite characters from the TV show and get introduced to Tinkerbell, Wendy, Peter Pan and the Darling Children.


When Captain Hook hears Wendy reading about their adventures in Never Land, Hook flies off to steal the book from Wendy and her brothers. After Hook steals the book, Wendy calls upon Peter Pan for help by singing a special song. However, Peter Pan is unable to help because he is in the middle of battling a monster. Knowing Wendy would only sing that song when she is in serious trouble, Peter Pan sends Tinker Bell to Jake and his friends with a message to help Wendy.


Jake and his crew soon find themselves on a mission through London to help Wendy and battle for the book stolen from the Darling Children before their memories are lost forever.

In this wonderfully magical adventure, kids will learn about working together as Jake and the Never Land Pirates work with the Darling Children (and this time Nana!) to save the book and the memories it contains. Only together can they solve their problems, beat the slippery Cod Fish, Captain Hook, rescue the book and save their memories.

Children will also learn about determination and never giving up no matter how difficult they find the task. The Darling Children and Jake and his Mateys show determination as they fly around Never Land seeking the pages of the book before all is lost. It is tempting at first to forget about the last page and hope everything will be fixed, but they soon find out that every page must be safely secured in Wendy’s magical book for the memories to return.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book is a wonderful story for young kids and the young at heart. It brings the classic characters of Peter Pan and the Disney Junior Characters together in a magical Musical adventure. In fact, I even found myself bouncing to the Never Land song as Jake and his mateys travel back home to stop Hook from destroying the book. I especially loved watching Tinker Bell once again paired with Peter Pan. She is one of my favorite Disney Characters and I was excited to see her sparkle into view (total glee inside as I squealed out loud).

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book is available at Amazon.com: Jake & The Neverland Pirates: Battle for the Book

The DVD also includes four additional episodes making it over TWO HOURS of FUN! Plus FREE inside every DVD is an exclusive checker board bandana with gold coins, you can’t get anywhere else!

About Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book
Synopsis: When Wendy’s special Storybook is stolen by Captain Hook, Jake and his mates go to London to help Peter Pan’s friend (from the classic movie Peter Pan). The longer the book is out of Wendy’s hands, the more she and her brothers (John and Michael) forget about their past adventures on Never Land. The battle for the book continues in Never Land, where Hook plans to destroy the book and its stories in the legendary Ring of Blue Fire. It’s up to our young heroes to save Wendy’s Storybook and the Story of Peter Pan!

Talent: Sean Ryan Fox (Life Tracker, East of Kensington) as Jake, Madison Pettis (Cory in the House, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and 3, The Game Plan) as Izzy, Jadon Sand (Frozen, Wreck it Ralph) as Cubby, David Arquette (Scream movies) as Skully, and Corey Burton (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) as Captain Hook Executive Producer: Rob LaDuca

Producer: Mark Seidenberg

Director: Howy Parkins


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