Legend of Korra Continues Online!

I’ll have to admit, when I heard the news that The Legend Of Korra (LOK) will no longer air on Cable TV, my heart fell. I thought the whole thing was canceled and that it would be gone forever.

However, thanks to co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, LOK will still be available to watch online. Every Friday at Noon, a new LOK episode will be available to watch for free! And to top it all off we still get a Book 4! No word as of yet if Book 4 will be aired on Cable TV or if it will be digital. Whatever they decide, I am sure I will be watching it. Keep your eyes here and I will post more news as I hear it.

To catch up on book 3 or watch new episodes, click the image below.

Legend of Korra Will continue online

Book 3:
Korra’s stubbornness and impatience may have once gotten in the way of her bending studies, but after defeating Amon and his Equalist Army, it is clear that this strong willed Avatar is destined for greatness. Now that the worlds of Spirit and Man have combined, can Korra continue to kick-butt against the Red Lotus and the Evil Earth Queen?

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