Mr Chow Halloween Coloring Page from Palace Pets


While Mr. Chow loves to fill up on kibble, he also love the occasional treat, especially around Halloween. His appetite for the holiday reflect with all the goodies he shares in his shop.

OK, so we may have not seen his shop decorated in all the best Halloween treats, we know for a fact a Critterzens like Mr. Chow wouldn’t leave the most delicious holiday alone. He would be snacking like a pro and making sure all the Palace Pets are enjoying the season as well. With that in mind. I had to remake Chows coloring page into a special Halloween edition. Mr. Chow is now featured eating delicious Halloween treats with a cute pumpkin picture.



You can download this Mr. Chow Halloween coloring page by clicking the image below and saving the PDF to your computer. Then simply print and create for Halloween Coloring fun!


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