Name that Slug from Slugterra Holiday Edition!

Holiday Banner SKGaleana

Tomorrow I am starting the Name that Slug from Slugterra Holiday Edition Game!!! This holiday edition will feature special Holiday Coloring pages that are only available for a limited time!!

To get the Coloring Page:
1. Find the Game featured on my

2. Guess the correct name of the slug from the silhouette (It will be the species of the slug not a name of a famous slug)
3. Go to my blog using the link included with the photo
4. Type the name of the Slug where it asks for the password and press enter! If you guess correctly, you will unlock a Slugtastic holiday Coloring page!
5. Click the image to download the free coloring page!

It will be that Simple!!! So get ready to have a Slugslinging good time!

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