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Free Disney Back to School Printables

With School starting for many of the kids, I thought I should share some of my favorite Back to School Printables. These are provided by Disney Family. All I have done is collect them in one area so that they are easy to find, download, and print. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These printables are free and will …

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Free Printables from the DreamWorks Movie The Croods

In my quest to find more free printables I happened across the site for the move “The Croods” I loved that movie and figured, hey why not see if they have free printabes. Boy was I surprised. They had free printables galore! and even more on Pinterest. of course I have to share these. Not …

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Free Star Trek Cubeecraft Teddy Bear of Scotty

Scotty has finally joined the teddy bear cubeecraft world. He is possibly one of the only guys safe while wearing a red shirt during the original series. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Materials needed:PrinterCard stockscissorsx-acto knife To make: Cut out each item along the outer black lines. Cut along the white on each tab using the x-acto knife …

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Disney’s Princess Palace Pets Free Coloring Pages and Printables

The Disney Princess Palace Pets are just so cute. I had to share these free coloring pages and activities. I also added a little Party flare with the cupcake toppers, which also work as stickers if you print them out on sticker paper. 😀 The Memory game is very simple to create and play. Print …

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Cubeecraft of Disney’s Princess Aurora in her Royal Gowns

Princess Aurora has a Beautiful Gown towards the end of the movie. But the Good Fairies could never agree on what color she should be wearing. They constantly fought over Blue, Green and Pink. Since I was making this Royal gown, I figured I should be sure to give each color a possibility, that way, …

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Cubeecraft of Disney’s Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

After the release of Snow White and Repunzal as cubeecrafts, I began getting a ton of request for other Disney Princesses. Many of you were calling for a Sleeping Beauty Cubeecraft. This cubeecraft depicts the dress she wore before she discovered that she was in fact a princess. It has two parts. You will need …

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Free Printables and Downloads for The Smurfs and Smurfs 2

Trying to throw a Smurfs Party or find some decent printables is actually a little more difficult than expected. While there are a ton of coloring pages out there (just search: free printables smurfs color), there wasn’t much in the way of unique collectible printables. I did however find a few that were worth sharing. …

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4th of July Teddy Bear Cubeecraft with Stars and Stripes

This Independence Day Teddy Bear struts his stuffing in all the red, white, and blue glory of the stars and stripes. 😀 Part 2 of this cubeecraft consists of extras that help add to his holiday apparel. You will get the American flag and the sparkler once you download part 2. You don’t have to …

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Disney’s Teen Beach Movie Free Printables, Recipes and More

Disney Channel is releasing a brand new movie on July 19th called “Teen Beach Movie.” To prepare their audience for their great summer movie, Disney Channel has released several printables, recipes and downloads. The Party pack release contains surfboard streamers, cupcake toppers, invitations and more. You can find these printables below or on the official …

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Cubeecraft of 4th of July Teddy Bear with Headband Boppers

This Independence Day Teddy Bear struts his stuffing with a 4th of July outfit, a red bow tie and a little headband with flag boppers. It isn’t the 4th of July without Boppers on your head 😀 Part 2 of this cubeecraft consists of extras that help add to his holiday apparel. You will get …

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