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St. Partick’s Day Cubeecraft Teddy Bear

Getting read for the infamous pinching day? Why not print this cute little guy and display him on your desk. This little Shamrock Teddy Bear is ready for St. Patrick’s Day from his shamrock nose to his little green toes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Simply cut him out, fold, and lock the tabs in the locking tabs. …

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Disney Oz the Great and Powerful Free Wallpaper and Printables

I am sure there are many like myself excited to see Oz The Great and Powerful on friday. I have taken it a step further and searched out some cool Disney printables and wallpaper to help cater to my geeky side. Disney, of course, was way ahead of me. They prepared for the hard-core fans …

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Fruits Basket Tohru Honda Cubeecraft

Tohru Honda from the animated series Fruits Basket has become a cubeecraft. I watched this series on Netflix and fell in love with the characters. I decided then that I would make a few of them into cubeecraft form. Tohru Honda is the first on that list. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She is a little difficult to …

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Cubeecraft of Prince Derek from The Swan Princess

Prince Derek may not be the smartest guy in history, but he has his moments of brilliance. For example, when he figured out what else he loved about Odette. Although it did take him a while. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Cubeecraft features Prince Derek from The Swan Princess. To Build the Cubeecraft:Materials needed:PrinterCard stockscissorscraft knife To …

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Valentine’s Day Cubeecraft Teddy Bears

These adorable little cubeecraft paper crafts are ready to print and be created, and best of all they are free printables. They make wonderful Decorations or a fun little gift. As you can see from the image below, I changed the cubeecraft template to look as if the character is sitting down. The feet tabs …

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I have been making cubeecrafts since 2008, when I was first introduced to an awesome papercraft in the shape of a Stormtrooper. From then on I was in cubeecraft heaven. At first I sent several requests, asking for characters that I desired, but I quickly found out that Chris Beaumont, the creator of was …

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Cubeecraft of Dr. Wily from MegaMan

I bring to you from video game central the cubeecraft of Dr. Wily from MegaMan!!!! Actually he comes to you from my small yet efficient computer, but hey it is still exciting 😀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This cubeecraft is more difficult than others. You have to cut around his hair on the left and right so …

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Cubeecraft of Rothbart from The Swan Princess

And now…Presenting..The Swan Princess Villain…ROTHBART!Actually the character may not deserve that sort of entrance. However, my cubeecraft turned out spectacular. Although I must admit, his facial expressions makes him seem like he had just seen a gigantic spider. I know my face would be in anger and terror if I came upon a rather large …

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Jeff Dunham Cubeecrafts


Avatar The Legend of Korra Cubeecrafts

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