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Fruits Basket Cubeecrafts

Here is the list of Fruits Basket Cubeecrafts I have done thus far. To download these templates click the images below. You will travel to each post where you can save the templates. Then simply print and create to make your very own cubeecraft. yuki tohru honda kyo momiji shigure hatsuharu hatori

Free Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Aelita from Code Lyoko

Aelita is a member of the Lyoko Warriors, a team bent on defeating an artificial intelligence known as X.A.N.A. Aelita and her friends, Ulrich, Odd, Yumi, and Jeremy fight X.A.N.A. by entering the world of Lyoko, a computer program with several zones and towers. These towers get activated by X.A.N.A. and must be turned off …

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Cubeecraft of Mirage From The Aladdin TV Series

Mirage is a dangerous villain from the Aladdin TV series. Her dark powers and uncontrollable malice are second to none. I believe she even rivals Jafar in terms of sheer evil. Due to her appearance with cat like features, one may want to try and pet this Dark Side wielder, but don’t let her looks …

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Free Cubeecraft of Kuvira from Legend of Korra

After Toph discovered Metal bending and after the end of the Fire Nation war, Toph found that more people had the ability to bend Metal. She trained her daughters and her daughters trained other, which eventually lead to the creation of an army of Metal bending warriors called the Zaofu guard. Kuvira joined the Zaofu …

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Star Wars Rebels Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Sabine

Sabine Wren is a sassy Mandalore that prefers to help the weak with her shoot first and ask questions later attitude. Versed in weaponry and explosives, this 16 year old girl is far from defenseless, she let’s her weapons do the talking. In fact, to better promote the Rebel alliance and to promote her artistic …

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Star Wars Cubeecrafts

Star Wars Rebels Cubeecraft of Ezra Bridger

At a very young age, Ezra Bridger was forced to live on the streets after the Empire took his parents away. To survive, Ezra relied on his street smarts and his unknown ability to use the force. His time on the streets led him to become a thief and a con artist with little trust …

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Free cubeecraft of Griffin

Griffin is a weird, cheeky invisible man. Although he is invisible, he still brings a lot of life to the party with great jokes and pranks. He often uses his invisibility to his advantage in fights but Dracula usually finds a weakness whether is be a were-pup attack with bacon or the nipple twist (not …

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Free cubeecraft of Wayne

Over worked and over-run with endless litters of pups, Wayne is a stressed and tired werewolf. He gets very little sleep even when he is on vacation. However, He loves Hotel Transylvania because he has the opportunity to leave the wife (Wanda) with the kids and run off with Dracula, Murray, Griffin and Frank to …

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Free cubeecraft of Murray

Murray is a comical, larger-than-life, Egyptian Mummy who is always looking to party, when he isn’t hitting on the female mummies. One of Dracula’s oldest friends, Murray visits Hotel Transylvania every chance he gets, especially when Dennis is born. Never missing a birthday party, Murray always brings, what he considers to be, the best gifts. …

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