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Free Maleficent Paper Dolls by Cory

Paper dolls by Cory has done it again. This time around Cory has made a paper doll for the up coming movie Maleficent. The movie will explore the Sleeping Beauty story through the eyes of one of Disney’s greatest villains. The Paper doll features several different costumes that appeal to Maleficent’s not so better nature. …

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Toy Story OF TERROR Is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD

Disney/Pixar’s favorite toys are back! Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang reunite with a new friend, Combat Carl, for a spooky tale full of mystery and humor in “Toy Story OF TERROR” on Blu-ray™ + Digital Copy, DVD, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere for the first time August 19th! The combo pack comes with …

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Around the Clubhouse World Coming to DVD!

Join Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and all Their Trustworthy Pals in The Newest Global Adventure on Disney DVD MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE: AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE WORLD On Disney DVD May 20, 2014 Pack your bags and grab your passport. Join Mickey, Minnie and pals on a whirlwind trip Around The Clubhouse World! Climb the Eiffel Tower in …

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Disney Easter Printables, Crafts, Egg Holders and More

Easter is April 20, 2014 and I have to admit I am far from ready. There are so many tasks to complete to make my house ready for the Easter Bunny and the very popular Easter Egg Hunt. At least I can get the whole family to pitch in and help dye the eggs. 😀 …

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First 7 Episodes of Transformers Energon on DVD May 13, 2014

On May 13th, Shout! Factory in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, is releasing TRANSFORMERS ENERGON – VOLUME ONE on DVD! Available at Walmart nationwide with an SRP price of $5.97! TRANSFORMERS ENERGON VOLUME ONE DVD Relive the Adventures of This Classic Animated TV Series AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT WALMART STORES ON MAY 13, 2014 FROM SHOUT! FACTORY …

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Pound Puppies A Perfect Match Comes to DVD April 8, 2014

More Fun-Filled Outings Starring your Favorite Pups! Pound Puppies: A Perfect Match Bring Home the Adventures April 8th, 2014 from Shout! Factory Kids “A pup for every person and a person for every pup.” Not every puppy is perfect for every person, and the Pound Puppies are dedicated to making sure their furry friends end …

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Cubeecrafts of Alien and Predator and a Free AvP Tic Tac Toe Printable

Today, while updating my DeiviantArt Page and viewing art by friends and followers, I found 3 very cool cubeecrafts that I thought were well worth the share. In 2004 Alien Vs Predator was released on DVD. Placing two of the most feared creatures in outer-space against each other in a battle to the death. I …

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Winx Club Printable Masks, Paper Dolls and Coloring Pages

After I had received several requests to post some Winx Club printables, I spent the last two weeks watching seasons 1-5 and the 9 episodes of season 6 that have been released. Obviously I couldn’t stop watching and never wanted to go to bed. In fact, there were several sleepless nights of me watching the …

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RESCUE BOTS: Heroes on the Scene Coming to DVD March 18, 2014

Rescue Bots: Heroes on the Scene comes to DVD March 18, 2014 with 5 exciting episodes. The DVD features four Transformer Bots (CHASE, HEATWAVE, BLADES, and BOULDER) living on an island called Griffin Rock. They are on earth to learn from the Burns Family while helping the family rescue the citizens when things go awry. …

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Avatar The Last Airbender Free Printables, Downloads and Coloring Pages

Avatar the Last Airbender is a 3 Book series about an Airbender named Aang. He turns out to be the Avatar and the only hope for the world. To save the world he must learn all 4 elements (water, earth, fire, and air) and unlock his Avatar state. With the help of his friends, Katara …

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