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Get Epic WizKids Games Delivered to Your Door from LootCrate

Stuck at home and looking for something new to play? Thanks to LootCrate, we can slay those quarantine dragons! t’s time to rise up and cause some mayhem with the new WizKids Medieval Madness crate! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WizKids Games Crate will upgrade your family game night with awesome tabletop games. This bi-monthly, mystery subscription crate …

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Storybook Fun with Blaze & The Monster Machines!

It’s time to rev up your summer activities! In celebration of the DVD release of Blaze and The Monster Machines: Race for the Golden Treasure, we’re excited to share this super fun storybook activity pack featuring Blaze, AJ, and all their friends. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This storybook tells the story of Blaze and the Championship Race …

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Are You Afraid of The Dark? DVD Giveaway

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story the “Are You Afraid Of The Dark DVD Giveaway.” Starting in the early 90s, Are You Afraid of The Dark quickly became an extraordinary success, earning several awards and gaining many fans. I just so happen to be one of those fans. I …

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10 Fun Shimmer and Shine Printables from Nick Jr

With the Shimmer and Shine DVD giveaway active until Aug. 11, 2020, I thought it would be fun to share some of the awesome printables that “nickelodeon parents” has available for all their fans. What I share below are some of my favorite printables of Shimmer and Shine and represent just a small amount of …

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Paw Patrol Dino Rescue DVD Giveaway

The Mighty Pups are back again, and this time they’re on wild adventures with some prehistoric pals in PAW Patrol Dino Rescue, arriving on DVD August 4th, 2020 from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment. In anticipation of Paw Patrol Dino Rescue coming to DVD we are hosting a giveaway! Fans can enter for …

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Blaze and Shimmer and Shine DVD Bundle Giveaway!

We are shimmering with excitement to announce a brand new giveaway featuring two of the cutest and coolest cartoons from Nickelodeon: Blaze and Shimmer and Shine! That’s right, this giveaway is for two DVDs! DVD 1: Blaze and the Monster Machines: Race for the Golden Treasure! Arrrgggh you ready for high-speed, high seas, treasure hunting? …

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Make your Own Paper Dave From Dreamworks Kipo!

Ever since I saw Kipo and The Age of the Wonderbeasts on Netflix, I have been keeping a sharp eye out for fun official printable activities and crafts. Dreamworks, however, has shown no interest in creating Kipo printables, I was beginning to think that we would never receive a single craft…until now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally, …

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Guillermo del Toro’s Emmy-winning Tales of Arcadia Trilogy Wizards Coming to Netflix!

DreamWorks Animation has revealed that Wizards, the third chapter in visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s eight time Emmy-winning Tales of Arcadia trilogy, will debut on Netflix August 7! Can we just take a moment a scream like school girls? The final chapter is being released and if I am looking at the above poster correctly….Jim …

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The Child “Baby Yoda” Party Printables

From the moment The Child “Baby Yoda” hit the scene on the Disney plus The Mandalorian TV show, he has been the biggest hit. His little self went viral with memes, art, crafts, printables, and whatever else people could do to place a little Baby Yoda in their life. I will admit, I love the …

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Science is Fun with Think Like a Dog!

In celebration of of the home premiere of Think Like a Dog, we’re using science to answer one of life’s big questions: is a dog’s mouth really cleaner than a human’s? Just like how Oliver enters a science fair in the film, we’re inviting you and your kids to show off your science skills with this doggone fun …

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