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Legend of Korra Printable Paper Crafts, Wallpapers, Coloring Pages and Activities

Legend of Korra Book 3 finally has a release date, and I am sure most of us fans are relived that it is going to air very soon (release date. I know I am ready to watch what happens to the Avatar universe this season. In anticipation of the Legend of Korra Book 3 air …

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Wish Dad a Box-tastic Father’s Day!

It’s time to celebrate Dad! Make Dad’s Father’s Day special with box-tastic crafts and cards from LAIKA and Focus Features’ family-friendly stop-motion animated film THE BOXTROLLS! Check out the cute clip below to see The Boxtrolls’ suggestions of fun things to do this Father’s Day. Clip: The Boxtrolls Present 5 Fun Things To Do This …

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The Boxtrolls Official Trailer Now Available!

Get square with the highly anticipated official domestic trailer for LAIKA and Focus Features’ family-friendly stop-motion animated film THE BOXTROLLS premiering on Yahoo! Movies today! Watch The Boxtrolls Official Trailer Here: THE BOXTROLLS releases in theaters on September 26! Get ready for this family-friendly film by Daring to be Square and Build Your Own Boxtroll! …

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Free Cubeecraft of Chris from Dan VS.

This cubeecraft character comes from the TV show Dan Vs, featuring a guy named Dan who is short-tempered man that exacts revenge on anyone and anything he believes has wronged him.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chris Pearson (voiced by Dave Foley) is Dan’s best friend and Elise’s husband. Chris is also Dan’s sidekick but is nothing like …

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Free Maleficent Paper Dolls by Cory

Paper dolls by Cory has done it again. This time around Cory has made a paper doll for the up coming movie Maleficent. The movie will explore the Sleeping Beauty story through the eyes of one of Disney’s greatest villains. The Paper doll features several different costumes that appeal to Maleficent’s not so better nature. …

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Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast is Coming to Disney DVD with a Special Freebie

> Join Sofia and Her Friends in More Magical Adventures when Sofia the First: The Enchanted Feast comes to Disney DVD August 5th, 2014! This DVD will feature a special appearance by Snow White! The wicked fairy, Miss Nettle, disguises herself as a powerful sorceress and attempts to steal Sofia’s magical amulet. With the help …

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Printables, Coloring Pages and Activities Featuring Disney’s Princess Pocahontas

“Pocahontas loves nature, and she spends her time exploring the land. After she falls in love with a man named John Smith, it’s up to her to discover her destiny and bring peace to her people” (Disney Princess Pocahontas) I personally think that Pocahontas is a Disney Princess that doesn’t get much attention. Even the …

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Cubeecraft of Achmed the Dead Terrorist With New Feature

I mentioned on my facebook page that I was working on something down right awesome, and if it all worked out I would share it this weekend. Well I am pleased to inform my readers that after a little math and a ton of determination, I got the new cubeecraft feature to work. 😀 What …

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Cubeecraft of Suki from Avatar the Last Airbender

Suki would be Sokka’s third love in the hit TV Series Avatar the Last Airbender. I say third love because food was/is his first love, followed by Yue who died and became the moon. Suki is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, an order of female warriors named after Avatar Kyoshi, who founded them to …

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Around the Clubhouse World Coming to DVD!

Join Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and all Their Trustworthy Pals in The Newest Global Adventure on Disney DVD MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE: AROUND THE CLUBHOUSE WORLD On Disney DVD May 20, 2014 Pack your bags and grab your passport. Join Mickey, Minnie and pals on a whirlwind trip Around The Clubhouse World! Climb the Eiffel Tower in …

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