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Cubeecraft of Jasmine From Disney’s Aladdin

Jasmine wants to live her own life and make decisions for herself, but as a princess her father makes most of them for her. At night she escapes the confounds of the castle to see what the world around her is like. During her exploration she becomes acquainted with a street rat known as Aladdin. …

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Free Rio 2 Printables, Activities and Game from UHU

Just like their release of Minion printables form Despicable Me 2 (found on my blog here), UHU has released Printables and a game for the new movie Rio 2. _______________________________________________________________________________________ About Rio 2 The entire cast of the animated smash RIO returns in RIO 2, and they are joined by a new flock of top …

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The Pirate Fairy Free Printable Neverland Crafts

It’s no April Fools Day Prank, The Pirate Fairy will be released on DVD and Blu-ray April 1, 2014. I have been waiting for another Tinker Bell movie since The Secret of the Wings was released, which just so happens to be my favorite thus far. With the release of the Pirate Fairy on DVD …

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Pirate Fairy Free Printable Arrr-ctivities

In anticipation of Tuesday’s release of Disney’s The Pirate Fairy check out a (pirate) shipload of fun Arrr-ctivities below. Help the Fairies by matching them to their original talents, help Zarina find Skull Rock by guiding her through a maze and then add some color to the fairies’ lives with character coloring sheets. About THE …

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Pound Puppies A Perfect Match Comes to DVD April 8, 2014

More Fun-Filled Outings Starring your Favorite Pups! Pound Puppies: A Perfect Match Bring Home the Adventures April 8th, 2014 from Shout! Factory Kids “A pup for every person and a person for every pup.” Not every puppy is perfect for every person, and the Pound Puppies are dedicated to making sure their furry friends end …

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Winx Club Printable Masks, Paper Dolls and Coloring Pages

After I had received several requests to post some Winx Club printables, I spent the last two weeks watching seasons 1-5 and the 9 episodes of season 6 that have been released. Obviously I couldn’t stop watching and never wanted to go to bed. In fact, there were several sleepless nights of me watching the …

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Free Disney St. Patrick’s Day Printables and Activities

March 17th is the day that I pray I always remember to wear green. There was a year that St. Patrick’s Day completely slipped my mind. Boy was I sorry. Every time I turned around I was being pinched. From then on, I have that date highlighted, circled and arrows pointing to the date on …

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Get Square with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the Film “The Boxtrolls”

RESCUE BOTS: Heroes on the Scene Coming to DVD March 18, 2014

Rescue Bots: Heroes on the Scene comes to DVD March 18, 2014 with 5 exciting episodes. The DVD features four Transformer Bots (CHASE, HEATWAVE, BLADES, and BOULDER) living on an island called Griffin Rock. They are on earth to learn from the Burns Family while helping the family rescue the citizens when things go awry. …

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Disneynature Bears Free Printables

For Earth Day on April 18th 2014, Disney is releasing a new Disneynature film about Bears. I am excited to see this one because They do filming in Alaska, which is my home state. I have seen my fair share of Brown Bears and to see them on the big screen is exciting. This film …

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