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Free Disney Tarzan Printables, Coloring Pages, and Activities

Back when Phil Collins was singing and making music, he made a song for Disney’s movie Tarzan called “You’ll Be In My Heart.” This song is still so beautiful and I listen to it when I play my Disney Playlist. Not only is the music spectacular in this movie, but so is the story, characters, …

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Free Disney’s Frozen Read-Along Storybook on iTunes

UPDATE: 6/27/2014 This digital book is no longer free. It now cost 5.99. ~~~ Here is something fun to read with the kids. Disney has released an iBook app called “Frozen Read-Along Storybook”. It contains Original movie voices and sound effects. With 32 Pages, it is sure to be wonderful entertainment to any child or …

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Avatar The Last Airbender Free Printables, Downloads and Coloring Pages

Avatar the Last Airbender is a 3 Book series about an Airbender named Aang. He turns out to be the Avatar and the only hope for the world. To save the world he must learn all 4 elements (water, earth, fire, and air) and unlock his Avatar state. With the help of his friends, Katara …

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Disney Tangled Free Printables, Downloads and Activities

Locked in a tower for 18 years because she had magic hair, Rapunzel desired to see the strange lights in the sky. When fate sends a thief to her window, she creates a plan for him to be her guide so that she can finally fulfill her dream. Flynn Ryder (Eugene) at first was way …

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Geeky Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

I have posted several blogs relating to Disney and Dreamworks Valentine’s Day Printables, however, my geeky friends would not stop asking me for a post on Valentine’s Day cards featuring their favorite Movies/TV shows. So I searched the web for some of the best Valentine’s Day cards dealing with different fandoms. Needless to say I …

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Dreamworks Valentine’s Day Printable Cards

Just like Disney has a ton of Valentine’s Day Printables (as seen here), Dreamworks has a few as well. These Cards are free to print and give out. There are Several different characters from several different movies: Madagascar Bee Movie Shrek Puss in Boots Kung Fu Panda How to Train Your Dragon Croods Comment on …

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Free Winx Club Printables, Downloads, and Coloring Pages

“Winx Club features Bloom and her five best friends (Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora, and Layla) and is situated mainly in the magical universe and on Earth. They call themselves “the Winx Club” and go on many adventures together. Throughout the story, they discover new and much stronger fairy transformations and magical powers, battle against evil …

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Minion Cubeecraft Printables from Despicable Me 1 and 2

Now you can have your very own Minion, or make a crazy minion army. That would be cool to see (and if you make one please allow me to share a photo). MINIONS ASSEMBLE These Despicable Me Minion Cubeecrafts require no glue or tape, they use a locking tab and are easy to put together …

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Disney’s Free Digital Download Prizes from 2008 Year of a Million Dreams Sweepstakes

Back in 2008, Disney started a campaign called “Year of a Million Dreams.” To announce and get the word out about their new statement and campaign, Disney started a sweepstakes. This Million Dream sweepstakes offered a winner a free pass to Disney parks and several other amazing prizes. To Enter the sweepstakes, any eligible applicant …

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The Lego Movie Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Downloads

Ever since I was little, I have always loved Legos. My parents used to buy me large buckets of legos (although, they had a few of their dread Lego land mines). When Legos started releasing Lego games, I was all over it. I have every Star Wars Lego game 😀 and each Star Wars Lego …

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