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Cubeecraft of Kristoff from Disney’s Frozen

Kristoff Bjorgman is a true rugged mountain man who felt the only companion he would ever need was a spunky Reindeer named Sven. At least that is how he felt about his life before he met Anna. Anna turned his world upside down when she demanded his help in searching for her sister Elsa. In …

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Cubeecraft of Jafar From Disney’s Movie Aladdin

The final Cubeecraft of my 2014 Halloween Cubeecraft Collection is none other than the evil Jafar from Disney’s movie Aladdin. This disgusting creature was saved for the final cubeecraft because it is hard to out do his evilness. From trying to force love, kill, and becoming the most powerful creature of all, he embodies the …

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Cubeecraft of Ursula from Disney The Little Mermaid

Ursula swims her way into the 2014 Halloween Cubeecraft Collection with her evil smile and creepy demeanor. She has a sinister evil and plots her revenge with her desire to rule the oceans and perhaps the world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This cubeecraft features the Ursula the evil Sea Witch from Disney’s A Little Mermaid. She comes …

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Cubeecraft of The Evil Queen From the Disney Movie Snow White

Leave it to Disney to change the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Rightfully named, the Evil Queen is as evil as you can get. Obsessed with power and beauty, she wants to be the fairest of them all. but Snow White is in the way. In her most evil of schemes, …

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Cubeecraft of Cruella De Vil from Disney’s 101 Dalmations

The second Cubeecraft of the 2014 Halloween Collection to be posted is Cruella De Vil from Disney s 101 Dalmatians. This character is absolutely obsessed with fur coats, and her next masterpiece will consist of spots. Black and white from the coats of dalmatian puppies to be exact. In her weird obsession to make this …

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Cubeecraft of Hans from Disney’s Frozen

To Start off the 2014 Halloween Cubeecraft Collection I asked my fans which Cubeecraft they would like to see first. The replies poured in. While every character from Frozen was requested, there was one that was requested far more than any other. In fact it was a landslide! And just who might this character be? …

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Cubeecraft of Melody from Disney’s The little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Meet Melody, the daughter of Prince Eric and Princess Ariel, the first to be born of land and sea. Locked away from the the ocean for her protection, Melody lived her whole life (all 12 years) feeling like there was something more than just the castle and the large wall. Where as Ariel longed to …

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Cubeecraft of Jinora from Legend of Korra as an Airbending Master

Since we met Jinora in Book one of The Legend Of Korra, the show has hinted to her above average abilities in airbending. As the show progressed we saw her communicate with spirits, travel to the spirit world, and recently travel outside her body to see what is around her.After Jinora met Kai, her request …

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Cubeecraft of Katy Perry from Her Music Video Roar!

I had a request to make a Katy Perry Cubeecraft. I decided to make one from one of my favorite music video: Roar. This cubeecraft features Katy Perry in her jungle attire: a Grass skirt and a leopard print top. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Katy Perry is very difficult to make, it will require a steady hand …

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Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Mai with Throwing Knives from Avatar the Last Airbender

Mai was a member of Team Azula along with Ty Lee before she defied Azula to save Zuko. Both were recruited to hunt the Avatar and dispose of him. Mai’s interest in joining such a mission came from her desperation to leave Omashu for a more active life style. Azula invited Mai to join the …

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