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The Wild Life Coming to Blu-Ray this Holiday!

What do you do when savage cats invade your paradise? You team up with other wild animals to defend your home…or so I am told. Personally I have ever been a castaway on an island threatened by crazy cats. However, Robinson Crusoe is in the all new Animated Comedy adventure, The Wild Life. From the …

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Printable Halloween Coloring Page of Ms. Featherbon from Whisker Haven

I was going through the images featured on the Whisker Haven Facebook page, when I came across an adorable Halloween image of Ms. Featherbon in a pumpkin costume with a purple witch’s hat. Inspiration hit, and I had to change her into a coloring page. Ms. Featherbon is a hummingbird fairy, who is the magical …

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The Hulk Teams up with Dr. Strange this Halloween

Marvel has announced an all new animated feature-length film, arriving in time for Halloween! Treat Yourself to the Spooky, Action-Packed Animated Feature-Length Film, “Marvel’s Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell”. This new animated feature-length film is the first to be centered around the Green man himself, the Hulk, premiering Oct. 21 on Digital HD! SYNOPSIS: This All …

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Voltron Season 2 Starts in January of Next Year!

DreamWorks Animation Television and Netflix Announce Season 2 of DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender January 20, 2017!!! Friday, October 7, 2016 – Following the first season cliffhanger, Season 2 of DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender sees the paladins scattered throughout the universe in wake of a tough battle with Zarkon, Haggar and the Galra Empire. The team …

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Free Finding Dory Septopus Day Printable Activities

Hank, Dory’s seven-armed sidekick from “Finding Dory,” wins the day! On Oct. 8, cephalopod supporters around the globe will celebrate World Octopus Day, a day that recognizes the earth’s eight-armed sea creatures. But today, Friday, Oct. 7, Disney•Pixar is celebrating a new holiday — World Septopus Day – in honor of Hank, Dory’s curmudgeonly seven-armed …

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Free Slugterra Halloween Coloring Page of Burpy

Halloween… The time to dress in costumes, beg for free candy, and have the biggest party bashes in history. It may be a human tradition, but I am pretty sure Slugs would enjoy it to, if they knew of the upper world and all the fun that it possesses. In fact, Burpy does know of …

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Mr Chow Halloween Coloring Page from Palace Pets

While Mr. Chow loves to fill up on kibble, he also love the occasional treat, especially around Halloween. His appetite for the holiday reflect with all the goodies he shares in his shop. OK, so we may have not seen his shop decorated in all the best Halloween treats, we know for a fact a …

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Pumpkin Carving Template of Gengar from Pokemon

IT IS OCTOBER! Finally! Time for all things pumpkin, including jack-o-lanterns!! I usually go pretty geeky when it comes to my pumpkin carvings. This year is no exception. I figured with the whole popularity of Pokemon Go, that I would carve something ghostly from Generation 1. Of course, when I think Ghostly in Pokemon, my …

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Free Moana Printable Crafts, Activities and Party Supplies

Walt Disney Animation Studios is releasing a brand new animated movie featuring Kakamora, a demi god, a rooster, a pig, crazy monsters and a beautiful Hawaiian girl named Moana. In this story, a girl with a wonderful power must embark on a quest to not only save her people but discover her own way, which …

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VeggieTales in the House Season 4 on Netflix

A new 4th season of VEGGIETALES IN THE HOUSE is premiering tomorrow, September 23rd only on Netflix! What will Bob and Larry be up to now in the House of Veggies? Stream tomorrow to find out and enjoy the faith based values and lessons built into each story. Bob, Larry and the Veggie friends will …

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