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Happy Halloween from the Ghouls from Slugterra!

It is Oct. 31!! Let me take this moment and wish all of you a Happy Halloween! Enjoy the parties, the treats, the tricks, the costumes, and all the fun events! It is the only Halloween of 2016 so make it count! After all, what other day is it acceptable to dress up and scare …

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Free Printable Halloween Coloring Page feat. Pumpkin

Disney Princess Palace Pet Pumpkin is ready for Halloween with her pumpkin dress, hat and shoes! Starting a stylish trend is no easy task but Pumpkin is up for the Halloween challenge. After all, a Halloween party isn’t a party without the perfect attire, and Pumpkin’s vine decorated pumpkin style is surely to be a …

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Dinotrux Halloween Pumpkin Templates and Recipe!

Halloween…the countdown is on! There’s still at least one weekend to get in as many fun family activities as you can; so here’s some new DINOTRUX pumpkin stencils and a really nifty Wrecking Ball Apple recipe from your friends at Dreamworks Animation! To download the templates and the recipe, click the images below! How to …

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Delicious Disney Pumpkin Cupcakes Recipe

I was looking for a fun pumpkin treat for my family this fall, when I cam across this little beauty on These Delicious Pumpkin Cupcakes are featured at Walt Disney World in their Contempo Café. With such a prestigious locations, I knew they would be very yummy! In fact, makes sure that all …

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Printable Jolly Roger Pumpkin Template

Arrg Mateys. It be Halloween, ‘n as band ‘o pirates we have some ‘o th’ best pumpkins around. ‘Tis year we be sharin’ one ‘o our designs fer all ye pirates to heartly enjoy! That means we be givin’ ’tis scurvy pirate pumpkin template fer free! As ye can spy wit’ ye eye in th’ …

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Printable Halloween Spooky Paper Lanterns

Halloween is getting close! The excitement is literally building. I am already decorating, pumpkin carving and having a blast making DIY projects with the family. Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a few fun DIY projects. Whether it be a homemade Halloween Wreath or Ghostly decorations, we come together with glue guns in hand ready to …

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Free Printable Voltron Pumpkin Stencils

It is no spoiler when I say we Voltron fans are waiting for the epic continuation of the new Voltron: Legendary Defenders by Dreamworks, after they left us with a rather crazy cliffhanger. January 20th can’t come fast enough. However, while we are waiting, Dreamworks animation is helping us to show our fandom the Halloween …

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15 Free Jack O’Lantern Templates for the Whole Family

Halloween is just around the corner! As you are scrambling to put together a costume for yourself and your little ones, we have something to make holiday decorating just a little bit easier. Personal Creations created 15 Jack O’Lantern templates in a range of difficulty levels and styles. The whole family can get involved – …

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Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show Season 3 This Friday

The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show is back and crazier than ever! After last season’s cliffhanger, Season 3 opens with Peabody and Sherman teaming up with alter-ego versions of themselves to defeat an evil cyborg version of Mrs. Hughes and fix the course of history! The zaniness continues when the Penthouse is invaded by neighbors, …

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Printable Slugterra Halloween Pumpkin Templates

This Halloween I wanted to make a very cute Slugterra Pumpkin of Burpy. However, to my surprise, I discovered that there are no Slugterra Pumpkin templates available…None…Nada…Zipola… Imagine my shock and horror. How could Slugterra be lacking in this department? These slugs are so cute that they should be displayed in a jack-o-lantern. With my …

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