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PAW Patrol Teams Up with Wild Cat in PAW Patrol: Moto Pups!

PAW Patrol: Moto Pups was released on DVD June 1st. This time the PAW Patrol gets help from an awesome dare devil cat named Wild Cat. Together, they find ways to stop the Ruff-Ruff pack and save the town. Like most PAW Patrol episodes, these shows feature team work, problem solving, and kindness. It is …

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Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park Cookie Recipe and Decorating Tips – Recipe

Tomorrow marks the release of Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park on DVD and Blu-ray! That means Bodi and his band will be rocking in our homes with fun music and the epic theme of being true to yourself. Fans can grab a copy of the DVD or Blu-ray from (affiliate link) or …

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Train Your Brain With These Math and Logic Games

Insight Editions and Weldon Owen have released two amazing books, Train Your Brain: Math Games and Train Your Brain: Logic Games, both which Exercise Your Mind with Challenging Puzzles. These boredom busters will hone the skills of the little minds by breaking down complex problems so anyone can learn them, all while being entertained and …

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Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park Teaches Be Yourself – Review

On June 11th, Rock Dog 2: Rock Around the Park will be released digitally and on June 15th, it will be released on Blu-ray]! Fans can watch Bodi and his band “True Blue” as they leave Snow Mountain and go on tour as the opening act for Lil Foxy. During their adventure, Bodi, Darma and …

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Dreamworks’ Spirit Untamed Printable Activity Pack

This week, the all new Dreamworks movie, Spirit Untamed, is coming to theaters! Lucky, Abigail, and Pru will be starting all new adventures in this series to movie release. Starting from the very beginning, Lucky moves to Miradero from the big city. In this remake, Lucky is unimpressed with everything she sees, until she meets …

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PAW Patrol: Moto Pups DVD Giveaway!

Say hello to Wild Cat in the all new episode collection PAW Patrol: Moto Pups Now on DVD! With death defying tricks and their awesome vehicles, the PAW Patrol must stop the terrible Ruff-Ruff pack that came with The Motorcycle Stunt Show. Joined by the awesome stunt artist, Wild Cat, the Paw Patrol hopes to …

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Rugrats on Paramount+, What Have They Done to Grandpa Lou Pickles?

The new Rugrats series is now available on Paramount+. Fans can join Tommy, Chucky, and their friends as they go on all new adventures. From learning to be brave to defending their toys from an evil clutter genius, the babies are back in action looking to have fun, eat mud, and discover the world around …

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Create A Cynthia Headband Inspired by Rugrats – Craft

Rugrats the Complete Series is now on DVD! Fans and soon-to-be-fans can grab this 26 disc collection from (affiliate link). The Complete Series includes all 9 seasons and five TV movies: Runaway Reptar, All Growed Up, Babies in Toyland, Tales from the Crib: “Snow White”, and Tales from the Crib: “Three Jacks & A …

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Rugrats Inspired Reptar Ice Cream Bars – Recipe

This summer is going to be awesome as we enjoy Rugrats the Complete Series on DVD May 18, 2021. And now with the announcement of a brand new Rugrats series coming to Paramount+, all us babies be having an adventurous summer filled with hilarious shenanigan. I for one can’t wait to see this all new …

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Amazing Books the Entire Family Will Enjoy Featuring Adorable Animals and Awesome Stickers

I should start this blog post with a little information about myself. I just so happen to be a person that absolutely loves stickers. I mean I have a huge collection. Most feature geeky things like Star Wars or Disney characters, but I truly collect almost all stickers. The more unusual or creative the sticker …

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