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Electrifying Battles in Dragons Race to the Edge

In the brand new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge, premiering only on Netflix January 8th, we will get to see all new dragons and electrifying battles! Hiccup, Toothless and the Dragon Riders (Astrid, Tuffnut, Heather, Ruffnut, Fishlegs, and Snotlout) all return for epic adventures as they battle an all new band of ruthless …

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Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page of Stripes

With it being the new year, it is time for a brand new coloring page featuring on of the three new Disney Princess Palace Pets, Stripes the Zebra. Birdadette the Bird will be completed at a later date and Snowpaws the Snow Leopard has already been created and ready for download here. Stripes the Zebra …

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Find The Panda, The Cat, Or Maybe C-3PO

I am assuming, at this point, that almost everyone has seen the “Find the Panda” Game made by Gergely “Dudolf” Dudás. You know, the one where you stare at a picture full of snowmen and focus on finding a cute black and white panda all the while thinking, “How hard could this be?” Only to …

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Toys “R” Us Star Wars: The Epic Battles Posters

Over the last couple of months, Star Wars and Toys “R” Us have had an event going on where fans can head to Toys “R” Us and collect the epic Star Wars Medals. To do so, fans had to bring in the certificate stating that they had played Star Wars: The Epic Battles and won. …

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DreamWork’s Dragons: Race to the Edge will have a Season 2!

The stakes are higher than ever as Hiccup and Toothless face off against a new band of ruthless Dragon Hunters when DreamWork’s Dragons: Race to the Edge Season Two premieres January 8 with 13 new episodes only on Netflix! Ryker and his army storm Dragon’s Edge with a plan to capture more dragons, the Dragon …

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Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Pancakes Recipe

I finally got the chance to see Star Wars The Force Awakens in theaters on Christmas Day/ Let me tell you (This is Spoiler free so no worries), I liked BB-8 before I saw the movie. I made printables featuring the adorable droid, I gave away a Christmas Gift featuring BB-8, and I even made …

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DreamWorks Dawn of the Croods Is Now On Netflix

The time has finally come and just in time for the holidays! today, 12/24, is the world premiere of DreamWorks Animation’s Dawn of the Croods on Netflix! What a great way to relax and have the family together this evening than watching an epic cartoon featuring our favorite caveman family, the Croods. In fact celebrating …

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8 Fun and Free Printable Christmas Paper Crafts

Here is a statement that will send chills through our bones if we are net yet prepared, Christmas is Tomorrow! Yeah I can’t believe it either! However, Merry Christmas Eve! On this festive day of the year, it can be somewhat difficult to get the kids calm. The excitement of Santa Claus coming to town …

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The Good Dinosaur Activities & Recipes

A boy and his dog…er umm.. I mean a Dinosaur and his human. It is such a wonderful story of facing your fears and looking at the wonder around you. Oh and it asks the oldest question known to dinosaur kind, “What would have happened if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs never struck Earth?” …

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Guess what came out on Digital HD Today! HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2!!! OK, yes that wasn’t hard to guess since it was in the title, but still just as exciting. For my fellow HT fans, this newest edition brings back all our favorite characters and adds a few more to make an epic story of how …

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