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Frozen Fever Free Printables and Crafts

To make today a perfect day for you, I created several Frozen Fever printables! Getting ready for a birthday party and trying to avoid the destructive tendencies of little Snowgies can be difficult, but if Kristoff and Sven can do it, so can we! Just a few simple touches can make the party amazing! With …

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Free Coloring Page Featuring a Flopper from Slugterra

Floppers are known throughout the 99 caverns as the most useless slugs in Slugterra. In fact Pronto describes them as, “boneless, dimwitted powerless waste of space |and they| are the embarrassment of the slug species.” The sad thing is, Pronto may be right, because when a slug is called a “Flopper” (a derogatory word to …

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Free Printable Doctor Who Global Celebration Digital Party Pack!

In celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, the Doctor Who Tumblr had a contest for #DoctorWhoGlobalCelebration. The prize was a wonderful sparkly blue envelope with party crafts inside. These party packs went out to a lucky few who were chosen as winners. Of course this left some of us Fans sadden by the fact that …

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Free Jurassic World Printables, Activities and Crafts!

Steven Spielberg returns to executive produce the next installment of his groundbreaking Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World stomping into theaters June 12, 2015. This long-awaited installment comes 22 years after the original Jurassic Park disaster. Isla Nublar is now a full functioning Park, just as John Hammond had dreamed…if not better…sparing no expense. with more …

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Super Mom Teddy Bear Cubeecraft for Mother’s Day

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No…It’s Super Mom as a Teddy Bear! I was sitting at my computer creating the Super Mom Printable Party Set for Mother’s Day when I had an ingenious idea…Why not make a Cubeecraft Teddy Bear of Super Mom! A mask, an insignia, and pretty purples and pinks will make …

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Free Disney Printable Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day honors all the moms out there working hard to raise their children. They all become a maid in their own house like Cinderella, they help us achieve our dreams like a Fairy God Mother, teach life skill Like Bambi’s Mom, come to our defense like Mrs. Jumbo, Protect us like Mrs. Incredible, make …

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Lady Tremaine Cubeecraft from Cinderella

Affected by the green eyed monster. Lady Tremaine (or the evil stepmother) is a nasty Disney Villain. When it came to Cinderella’s happiness, Lady Tremaine did everything she could to destroy it. Especially when it came to her love for the Prince/ Instead of enjoying such a happy occasion that one of her daughters would …

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Free Coloring Page and Wallpaper Featuring Nightgeist from Slugterra

Nightgeist is the Ghouled version of the Frightgeist. This scary little slug is teal and silver with Red eyes and a bad temper. When hit by a Nightgeist, you become an instant coward, afraid of your own shadow, and will run away in terror. Even Eli Shane felt the effects after being hit by one. …

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Free Star Wars Party Printables and Recipes!

Happy Star Wars Day!! May The Fourth Be With You! This has got to be one of my favorite days. To celebrate some of the best movies ever created. I like to pull out all five of my Star Wars Recipe books and begin cooking ASAP. There is nothing like having Star Wars related dishes …

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Paddington Free Orange Marmalade Recipe and More!

Paddington is out on Blu-ray and DVD! But don’t take my word for it, fly over to and check it out for yourself and get your own copy! Once you have a copy of the movie, the whole family can celebrate with these free activities, recipes and coloring pages found in the printable activity …

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