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Slugterra Slicksilver Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

Slicksilver Slug from SlugTerra! Slicksilver is a metal magnetized ball of danger. When shot from a slugslingers weapon it transforms into a strong metal ball with a tail and fists. The tail is perfect for smashing, while the fists can crush an opponents weapon. The magnetic field this little guy can produce is also capable …

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Printable Coloring Page Featuring the Slugterra Villain: Goon

The Goon is a Mega Morphed Ghouled Boon Doc Slug who came to the 99 caverns from another Slugterra. Instead of the slug being controlled by the slugslinger, Goon is capable of controlling the Slugslinger. He paralyzes his victim and then uses his dark energy to take control of the mind and body. In the …

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Cubeecraft of Melody from Disney’s The little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Meet Melody, the daughter of Prince Eric and Princess Ariel, the first to be born of land and sea. Locked away from the the ocean for her protection, Melody lived her whole life (all 12 years) feeling like there was something more than just the castle and the large wall. Where as Ariel longed to …

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Celebrate the Release of My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic: Spooktacular Pony Tales with These Video Clips and Printables!

Here’s a treat without any trick, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Spooktacular Pony Tales is now available in-stores and online! Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios has released Spooktacular Pony Tales featuring 6 episodes and a sing-along. The DVD also comes packed with spooky fun including My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic …

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Slugterra Dirt Urchin Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

Dirt Urchin Slug from SlugTerra! Dirt Urchin is a Green Plant element slug that uses its spikes on it body for attack. It may be a common slug but it is not for the common Slugslinger. These work best in open areas and not for close attacks. Eli Shanes has a Dirt Urchin Slug named …

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Slugterra Flatulorhinkus Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

Flatulorhinkus Slug from SlugTerra! Flatulorhinkus is a purple toxic slug that emits a foul smelling gas to incapacitate its enemies. Pronto often uses one in his arsenal. However, I think it may backfire on him more than it is useful. They often refer to the stink lasting for weeks after being slammed by one of …

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Slugterra Hop Rock Printable Coloring Page and Wallpaper!

Hop Rock Slug from SlugTerra! Hop Rock is a solid and very common slug that is often used in battles. Even the most inexperienced Slugslinger can sling a Hop Rock. They are a fire element exploding slug with 4 different attack abilities. When shot from a blaster, they transform into a large exploitable force. One …

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Air Elemental Coloring Page and Wallpaper from Slugterra

Air Elemental Coloring Page from SlugTerra! The Air Elemental Slug is featured in the movie SlugTerra: Return of the Elementals. It is an Elemental slug with great unknown powers that could destroy or revitalize SlugTerra. This one has been shown to have wings to fly when shot from a blaster. When all 4 Elementals are …

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Cubeecraft of Jinora from Legend of Korra as an Airbending Master

Since we met Jinora in Book one of The Legend Of Korra, the show has hinted to her above average abilities in airbending. As the show progressed we saw her communicate with spirits, travel to the spirit world, and recently travel outside her body to see what is around her.After Jinora met Kai, her request …

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SlugTerra Armashelt Coloring Page and Wallpaper

Armashelt Slug from SlugTerra! The Armashelt slugs are very strong and durable slugs. Their skin is like armor which gives them a high defense. One of the most popular Armashelt slugs is Banger; he belongs to Eli, which he won in his second duel. When Armashelt is shot at the same time as an Infurnus …

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