Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Crafts and Printables

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 took place on July 17 and 18! It was one of the biggest events Pokemon Go gamers have ever seen. With new shinys, new Pikachu costumes, new styles, and more, this event was a blast for all involved, including myself!

The first day was all about catching pokemon. We had increased chances of finding shiny Pokemon in the wild. I must have used well over 1000 balls on July 17 catching everything that appeared on my screen, On July 18, I raided as much as possible. In the end, I walked away with 17 new shiny Pokémon (4 of them from epic trades)! Some were doubled, which means I now have a couple to trade! Any takers hahaha!

These 17 shiny Pokémon were only the start of the massive event Pokémon Go created. For the next month, ticket holders will enjoy the theme of Space and Time distortions. Again we can find new shiny Pokémon in raids and in the wild. I actually caught myself a shiny Mewtwo! While it isn’t a new shiny release, it is oh so cool.

After our month of fun, Niantic has something special for us. Niantic hasn’t shared what that is, but I think they have left a few hints on day two when we saw weird portals in the sky. I can’t wait to see what it is!

While we are all still celebrating and enjoying the rewards from Pokémon Go Fest, I thought it would be wise to share the printables from the official Pokémon Go Fest Website. They are usually there for a short period of time and then disappear forever. The printables include a Pokémon Ball and Great Ball papercraft, decorations, Pokémon Gift and Buddy Gift papercrafts, and more. Simply click the images below and download the PDFs, then print, and create!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some of the printables Niantic released are repeats from Go Fest 2020. They include the life size standups of Willow and the other trainers and the Pikachu visor hat. You can find the duplicates along with different decorations on my blog here: Pokémon Go Fest 2020

I will admit, I fixed one of the files. The decoration file had the banners and the sign, but Niantic forgot to include the Pop Star Pikachu and the Rock Star Pikachu images to glue to the sign and display. They also forgot the cool Rock n’ Roll and Pop Star Posters. My Decoration file includes those. I also created coloring pages of the two Pikachu’s in their musical outfits to add to the collection. One can never have too many printables of awesomeness.

Pokémon Go Fest Decorations
Pokémon Go Fast Badge, Ticket ,and bracelet craft
Pokémon Go Coloring Pages
Buddy Gift and Trading Gift Paper Crafts
Pokeball and Great Ball Paper Crafts
Go Fest 2021 Posters
Pikachu Visor Hat Papercraft

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