Printable Halloween Coloring Page of Ms. Featherbon from Whisker Haven


I was going through the images featured on the Whisker Haven Facebook page, when I came across an adorable Halloween image of Ms. Featherbon in a pumpkin costume with a purple witch’s hat. Inspiration hit, and I had to change her into a coloring page.


Ms. Featherbon is a hummingbird fairy, who is the magical gatekeeper of Whisker Haven! She helps keep the peace, inspire, and maintain a relaxing environment for all the princess palace pets and the Critterzen of Whisker Haven. Obviously she has a wonderful fun side dressing in a pumpkin and a witch’s hat.



The coloring page below is free to download. Simply click the image and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and color for awesome Whisker Haven Halloween fun! Be sure to also grab the Mr. Chow Halloween coloring page here.


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