Printable Paper Doll of Uma from Descendants 2

Paper Dolls by Cory has released an awesome new printable paper doll featuring Uma from Disney’s Descendants 2! (What’s her name again?) As to be expected, this masterpiece shows the same wonderful art fans have come to expect from Paper Dolls By Cory. His masterful eye captures Uma in all her piratey glory from her braided hair to her epic costumes. Any Descendants fan will love to download, print and create this Paper Doll! Just like Cory’s other paper dolls, Uma is free to download and it is listed on the “Paper Dolls by Cory” facebook Page!

Get your copy by clicking the image above. Then choose your side. Are you with Mal? Or are you with Uma?

Uma (also known as Shrimpy) is the child of Ursula the Sea Witch (poor girl). She is the captain of a pirate crew but has always been envious of Mal and her Rotten to the Core friends. Attempting to have everything Mal has, Uma sets off on her path of piracy to steal what Mal has earned.



This printable paper doll features Uma in all her fashion style with several of her top designs including her beautiful gown. Simply click the images below to download the paper doll and her clothes. Then print and create for hours of fun! Download more Paper Dolls from Paper Dolls by Cory for even more fun!

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