Printable Porg Easter Egg Holders

What is your favorite Easter tradition? Is it the Porg roasting in the oven? Or maybe it is the yummy galactic sweets? For me and my family, it has always been decorating the Easter Eggs. The colors, the designs, and the creativity spark the imagination of everyone involved.

This year, in honor of Star Wars: The Last Jedi being released on Blu-Ray, 4K, and DVD March 27, Disney has released the perfect Easter Egg Holder that will display our beautiful creations using the cutest creatures from the movie, The Porgs. As one of the most popular creatures from The Last Jedi, these Easter Egg Holders will add a level of cuteness to our magnificent Easter egg creations. Simply Decorate the eggs and let them dry. Then place them in the Porg Easter Egg Holder to display the epic Easter Egg Collection.



To download the Porg Easter Egg Holders, click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and create for your Easter Eggs. A word of WARNING: While porgs may be quite cute (in their own odd way), they are also hyper-curious little creatures known for hording shiny human objects and making mischief. So keep an eye on those pretty shiny Easter Eggs.

1. Print this page for two egg holders. Print page 2 for 4 more.
2. Carefully cutout and egg holder along the dotted lines.
3. Roll your cutout into a circular shape that fits your egg.
4. Use tape to secure your egg holder strip in place.
5. Repeat to make as many Porg Egg Holders as you wish.

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