Printable Slugterra Halloween Pumpkin Templates


This Halloween I wanted to make a very cute Slugterra Pumpkin of Burpy. However, to my surprise, I discovered that there are no Slugterra Pumpkin templates available…None…Nada…Zipola… Imagine my shock and horror. How could Slugterra be lacking in this department? These slugs are so cute that they should be displayed in a jack-o-lantern. With my search coming up empty, I realized that I would have to be the one to rectify this nonsense. I went to work straight away. I mean, Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to display our pumpkins.

First I made Burpy…of course. He is definitely my top favorite with his leadership skills, strength, and mischievous side. You can’t have anything Slugterra without this little fire slug. It is also perfect that he is a “fire” slug considering how one lights up a pumpkin. 😉

After Burpy I made Spooker the Frightgeist slug. With one hit, this little guy will make you afraid of everything, including your own shadow. I think he would be funny to have at an entrance to a haunted house. It sure would make everything a whole lot scarier.

The last pumpkin I made was Goon, the mortal enemy of Eli and Burpy. He is certainly one of the more scarier Ghoul slugs with his ability to take over a mind and bend it to his will. Goon’s evilness will go down in history for making Junji destroy his home and nearly duplicating his success with Eli.



These three Slugterra Pumpkin Templates are free to download, simly click the images below and save the PDFs to your computer. Then Print and Create to make that perfect Slugterra Pumpkin! You can choose Burpy, Spooker or Goon…or Get all three! Be sure to share your images using hashtag #SlugterraHalloween

Burpy the Infurnus Slug and Shane’s Best Friend


Goon the Goon Doc Slug and an Enemy of the Shane Gang


Spooker the Frightgeist Slug


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