Puppy Dog Pals is Adorably Paw-Some!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…We’re going on a Mission! Barking on to DVD April 10th is Disney Juniors Cutest TV show Puppy Dog Pals. While their owner, Bob, is away, These two pugs, Rolly and Bingo, set off on adventures that span the globe. With the help from their friends their adventures are a great success.



The Puppy Dog Pals DVD will feature 12 episodes of this paws-itively awesome cartoon. They include:

  1. Hawaii Pug-Oh
  2. A.R.F
  3. The French Toast Connection
  4. Take Me Out to the Pug Game
  5. A Pyramid Scheme
  6. Special Delivery
  7. The Go-Long Retriever
  8. Pot O’Pugs
  9. Design a Dog
  10. Ice, Ice, Puggy
  11. Hissy’s Big Day
  12. Go, Dog. Go!

I consider Puppy Dog Pals to be one of the cutest Disney Junior shows out there. Of course it helps that I absolutely adore pugs. They are so cute with their smashed faces and hilarious demeanor. However, that is not the only reason I love Puppy Dog Pals. After watching these 12 episodes I found that not only does this cartoon have an adorable factor of 10, but it has great morals and guidance as well.

Many cartoons have a moral compass that helps the characters face their missions/adventures and come out on top by doing what is right. Rolly and Bingo have similar missions in Puppy Dog Pals as they learn and remember what is most important. In “Hawaii Pug-Oh” Rolly and Bingo hear that Bob wants to put his toes in the sand and relax. So, thinking of their Owner, they pack up and head to Hawaii to bring back the finest sand. Of course, it was hard to keep their mind on Bob with all the sand, surf and amazing crabs to chase, but they eventually pull it off and get Bob what he wanted. Their mission was to do something nice for some one else. In my book that is a great message for kids and adults to hear and absorb.

There is also a lot of guidance to help kids grow. in A.R.F. we learn that a house needs to remain clean so that there is more time to play and have fun. However, that can be easier said then done. When Bob’s new invention A.R.F. starts chasing Hissy to clean up a mess left by the pug brothers, Hissy makes a mess of her own as she runs from the scary machine. Since A.R.F. is only programmed to clean up after the pugs, it is up to Rolly and Bingo to clean the mess before Bob gets home so that Bob would have time to play. As Bingo states, Cleaning might be work, but it can also be fun.

Puppy Dog Pals gets a Five star from me with the Adorable Factor and the guidance. Kids will have watching this cartoon as they laugh and join Rolly and Bingo in their fun adventures.

In anticipation of Puppy Dog Pals coming to DVD, Disney has released several printables the whole family can enjoy as they wait for the DVD release.Help Rolly in a Maze, color, play a game of Bingo, spot the differences and more in the free activities listed below. Simply click the images, save the PDF to your computer, then print and create for a paw-some time!.

Coloring Page Rolly
Coloring Page Hissy
Coloring Page Bingo
Bingo Game
Coloring Page by SKGaleana

More about Puppy Dog Pals:
They’re cute, cuddly and all collared up for pup-tacular adventures! While their owner Bob is away, adorable puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly embark on exciting missions stretching from their own backyard to amazing locations all around the world! With support from their “big sister” Hissy, a neighborhood full of animal friends and Bob’s high-tech inventions, these hilarious heroes are always ready to unleash totally paw-some fun!

Voice Cast: Issac Ryan Brown as Bingo; Sam Lavagnino as Rolly; Harland Williams as Bob; Jessica DiCicco as Hissy; and Tom Kenny as A.R.F.

Creator/Consulting Producer: Harland Williams

Executive Producer: Sean Coyle

Release Date: April 10, 2018
Ratings: TV-Y (US); G (CE/CF)
Run Time: 144 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16×9 Televisions)
Audio: English, French & Spanish 2.0 Dolby Digital
Subtitles: English SDH, French & Spanish
Closed Captions: English

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