Remakes of Disney’s Song “Let it Go” from Disney’s Animated Film Frozen

Disney’s new Animated movie, Frozen, has certainly left it’s mark on the world winning several awards for the film and for the music. One of my favorite songs from the film is “Let it go” performed by Idina Menzel. I am one of those that jumps up and starts singing as soon as the song starts playing. I can’t help it, it is just…well…Amazing.

There are many different remakes of the song.

Some continue the beauty of the song and almost bring tears to your eyes. Like the one by Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir

Then you have those that have a little fun with it like Pentatonix making a FROZEN MEDLEY:

But I think the most creative thus far is the one Brian Hull Published on Mar 14, 2014. Brian Hull sang “Let it Go” in several different character voices. He stated, “With so many covers of Let it Go coming out, people may forget the original Disney magic that this song has, so what better way to preserve that magic with other Disney and Pixar characters singing the song!” Trust me he does it justice. I found myself in almost tears laughing as I watched his facial expressions as he performed the song on camera in the recording studio.

It is a must watch.

Enjoy the music 😀
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