Star Wars Rebels Season 3: Thrawn and Maul

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 introduces an Expanded Universe Character into the Star Wars Canon. When the Phoenix Squad begins taking a more prominent role in the battle against the empire, they discover that their battle will be far more difficult than they imagined. Grand Admiral Thrawn, a strategic genius, begins learning about the rebels and the way they do things in order to combat the nasty menace.

Season 3 is an epic tale dealing with massive duels, crazy droids and of course Hera, Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, Chopper, and Zebb. They are joined by allies and familiar faces in season 3 as they travel the galaxy hoping to rid the universe of the empire.

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I got the chance to review the Collection and I have to say I was on the edge of my seat. We get to see so many new characters as well as familiar characters that return from near death. Grand Admiral Thrawn, Saw Gerrera, Obi-Wan, and Maul are a few of the characters that share their story in the all new game changing season.

Personally, I always felt that Maul’s story was cut short far too soon. I found it awesome that Maul continues on in Rebels and continues to try and take Ezra as his apprentice. The Obi-Wan/Maul battle is a don’t miss scene where the two sides of the force collide in an epic battle on Tatooine.

Check out the Behind The Scenes: Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul Clip below:

The original Trilogy starts forming as the story lines progress and the Empire gains power. Thrawn is certainly the Rebels most difficult adversary they have seen yet as he strategically combats their constant attacks. His uncanny ability to sniff out the traitors constantly puts rebel forces at risk and sometimes death. Check out the Behind The Scenes: Thrawn clip below:

The all new season did not disappoint. Star Wars lives on in the rebels as we learn what transpired before A New Hope. I certainly give this collection 5 stars!

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