String Cheese Witch Brooms from Oriental Trading

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Thanks to Oriental Trading and their new FUN365 site, all Halloween fans are given an awesome recipe that works both as a decoration and a tasty snack. These String Cheese Witch Brooms are going to disappear quickly off of my party table. Every member in my family is a sucker for String Cheese. On the plus side, these are healthier than a bag full of candy.

This tasty Halloween recipe is anything but cheesy! Our easy-to-follow instructions make brewing up a double batch of these String Cheese Witch Brooms no toil and trouble at all. Find even more healthy Halloween recipes and appetizer inspiration on our website!



This recipe is very easy to make. Simply cut some cheese (LOL), stick in a pretzel and tie off with a chive. The food will become spooky and delishous. Grab the recipe below or go to to see the pictures and instructions.

String Cheese Witch Brooms


  • String Cheese
  • Mini Pretzel Sticks
  • Chives

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  1. Cut the string cheese in 2” strips.
  2. Insert a mini pretzel stick into one end of the string cheese. Carefully pull or cut the bottom half of the string cheese into strips.
  3. Tie on a chive to finish.

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