Summer Beach Party Fun with Teen Beach 2

Some of my fondest memories are spending 4th of July at the beach with all of my friends. Not only was the food awesome and the music exceptional, but the fireworks glistened off the ocean water and the lights danced in the ripples of each small wave (poetic no?). This year I am no where near the ocean, but that won’t stop me from having some wonderful 4th of July fun. With the help from Disney’s Teen Beach 2 (now on DVD), I can even have a 4th of July Summer Beach Party in my backyard. It may not be by the ocean, but it will still be rockin’!

As most of you start preparing for the holiday weekend, you can throw a fun Summer beach party as well, even if you are far away from the beach, with the help of Disney’s Teen Beach 2! How? It’s easy! Simply download the Summer Beach Party Kit, print out the items and start creating and decorating for the Beach Party vibe! Let the music move you with some scrumptious flip flop caprese sandwiches and “lei” one on all your friends with the charming origami necklace. Share wonderful Beach Party Foods and toss around an Origami Beach Ball. Decorate with paper lanterns to light up paths, tables or balconies.

The Summer Beach Party Kit comes with 6 much needed items to throw and awesome party for the 4th of July
1. Beach Party Food Ideas
2. Flip Flop Sandwiches
3. Fruit Trees
4. Origami Beach Ball
5. Origami Lei Necklace
6. Paper Lanterns

To download these awesome printables, click the image below. Then simply print and create to start decorating.
Reen Beach 2 Summer Beach Party Fun

There are many more Summer Beach Party Printables in my Teen Beach 2 Blog post

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