The Best DIY Advent Calendar!

Advent Calendars are one of the most fun creations i have had the pleasure of enjoying. Getting a gift a day is never frowned upon, especially when you are a kid. I remember waking up every morning with expectations to a piece of chocolate, toy, or maybe even a folded paper dollar. It was 24 days of excitement.



Now, Advent Calendars are everywhere. Even Legos has their own special Star Wars Advent Calendars that are too die for. It comes with 24 Mini Figurines including a Rebel Snowman.

Of course, Star Wars may no be on everyone’s list (GASP) and I know I love the personal touch. So making an Advent Calendar is certainly the way to go and takes only a small bit of effort.


  1. First find the toys, candy, or whatever else you want to hid inside the Advent Calendar. It can be anything small. In this case, Hatchimals are Madelyn’s toy of the year and this set of 24 Hatchimal eggs makes the perfect toys to stuff in the Advent Calendar.

  2. Make 48 Origami boxes. Why 48? Well These awesome little boxes are going to need tops. So in order to have a lid, two need to be made. The video below is perfect for those who need to learn how to make a box.

    See, are they not the cutest?!?!

  3. Fill the cute boxes with the toys, or in this case Hatchimal eggs.

  4. Write Numbers in the boxes and form into a tree. The numbers can be mixed or in numerical order. And TADA, It is done. Get ready for some epic daily presents!

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