The Best Printable Count Olaf Paper Doll is Free

“Look away. look away. Look away, look away,” unless you want to see the worst Paper Doll filled with Unfortunate disguises that only add to the everyday sorrow that we feel. Actually, this newest Paper Doll by Cory has to be one of the best I have seen in a while. Count Olaf and his costume collection are idolized printable paper doll inspired by the Netflix series “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Not only do we have Count Olaf in all his horribleness, we also get Stephano, Captain Sham, and Shirley T. Sinoit-Pécer.



If you are looking for a cutesy paper doll of a princess with closed eyes and lots of very fancy dresses then please move along. Run away from this computer of handheld device as fast as you can! This is NOT that paper doll. It is with great regret that I share this Vile, Fiendish Doll made by my associate, Jersey Conn. Jersey is a paper doll artist for a top secret organization which is never to mentioned publicly. My life is in danger just for volunteering to post this here. Our hope is that this doll will reach the appropriate members of our organization, as all other forms of communication have been unsuccessful, including telephone, plane, train, fax, pigeon, and the flawed postal service. You can see where enemies of the organization have tried to destroy this paper doll by burning down the malt shop where the soda jerk had been ordered to use it as a wrapper for a cheeseburger and discreetly pass it along to a man with dark glasses. “Paper doll” is a phrase which here means, “a tool to be used by fellow volunteers to help discover the villainous Count Olaf in his many disguises which he uses to attempt stealing the Baudelaire Orphans’ fortune.” So I beg you on behalf of my associate, Jersey Conn, do not download or print this paper doll! And PLEASE do not cut out these disguises and dress the nefarious Count Olaf (as Played by Neil Patrick Harris in the terrible new Netflix series) in them! It is an activity that can only lead to sorrow and regret. You will be much Happier if you lock all your doors, turn off all the lights, and hide under the soft comforter on your bed. Paper Dolls by Cory

To download this paper doll simply click the image below and save it to your computer. Then Print and create to make the Count Olaf Paper Doll. Be sure to see more of Cory’s Paper Dolls by going to his Facebook page Paper Dolls by Cory.