The Good Dinosaur Activities & Recipes

The Good Dino activities and recipes

A boy and his dog…er umm.. I mean a Dinosaur and his human. It is such a wonderful story of facing your fears and looking at the wonder around you. Oh and it asks the oldest question known to dinosaur kind, “What would have happened if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs never struck Earth?” Would man be the dominate species or would dinosaurs still rule the world?



The Good Dinosaur takes a look at this questions and shares an interesting theory regarding the outcome of this world, man, and the dinosaurs. With the help of Arlo and Spot, the audience also gets to revel in the story and let our imaginations soar.

To help the imagination grow, Disney has released several FREE activities and recipes featured on their UK Website. Make some delicious Dino meals or create some fun crafts such as a Hologram Viewer or an awesome Terrarium. Click the images below to get the instructions and template to create these awesome crafts. Be sure to check out the official Disney website for more information on the Good Dinosaur and other free crafts and activities.

The Good Dinosaur Tote Bag
The Good Dinosaur Terrarium
The Good Dinosaur Hologram Viewer
The Good Dinosaur Adventure Game
The Good Dinosaur Dinorama
The Good Dinosaur Arlo’s Kale Chips
The Good Dinosaur Arlo’s Hummus with Pomegranate
The Good Dinosaur Arlo’s Broccoli Snack
The Good Dinosaur Dinosaur Toast & Jam

Grab more The Good Dinosaur crafts and printables from my blog by clicking the image below!

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