The Karate Kid Meets The Video Game World In Enter The Warriors Gate

What happens when a gamer kid named Jack, who is bullied by his peers, is given a family heirloom? A lot apparently. Who knew a family heirloom could be so dangerous, and yet, so epic at the same time? Enter The Warriors Gate follows Jack’s journey as he transforms his gaming skills into those of a Kung Fu Warrior to battle a tyrannical war lord (WWE Superstar Dave Bautista) bent on ruling the world. The all-star cast features Bautista (Gaurdians of the Galaxy & WWE) Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil: Apocalypse), and Uriah Shelton (Girl Meets World). The Warriors Gate will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray June 6.

Thinking of buying it but looking for some info first? Look no further. I received the opportunity to watch and review Enter The Warriors Gate and I have a few points to share.



Enter The Warriors Gate starts with a teenage boy named Jack dealing with teenage life and teenage bullies. In the game world he is an epic warrior known as the Black Knight. However, in the real world he is a normal teen that enjoys dirt bikes….when he can. The bullies of his school dominate all the prime dirt bike tracks, bullying those who try to use them. Jack is no exception. The first confrontation we see between Jack and the dirt bike bullies sends jack on a wild race through the city, dodging cars and using any obstacles to escape their grasp. He just barely evades the bullies when he takes shelter in an antique shop. If this is sounding familiar, it’s because…well it is. This scene is very similar to the 1980’s film The Karate Kid, where Daniel LaRusso runs from his own biker bullies. This is not surprising considering the screenwriter for The Karate Kid, Robert Mark Kamen, is also the co-writer for Enter The Warriors Gate. And the similarities don’t end there.

Not only do we have an awkward teen trying to make it through high school, similar to that of The Karate Kid, we also have a helpful Chinese shopkeeper named Chang, lending advice like Mr. Miyagi. Enter the Warriors Gate also features a teenager learning Kung Fu to help defend himself, doubtful comrades thinking he is worth nothing, and a single mom at the end of her rope. All we need to do is add an arena where the most epic battle can take place changing the course of the teenagers life…oh wait, it’s there. Perhaps the best way to describe Enter the Warriors Gate is to call it the new generation remake of The Karate kid complete with video game references, slang, random dances, and awkward moments of friendship.

Obviously, much of this film has a cookie cutter story line of, boy is an outcast and runs from his problems, boy meets girl, boy goes on epic journey for girl, boy comes back a changed man and faces his problems. But that doesn’t make it boring, in fact I really enjoyed it. The film features several moments of action with Kung Fu fighters, sword fights, and the standard crazy comedic moments. With Francis Ng as the crazy Wizard Wu and Bautista as the insane warlord Arun, I found myself laughing in several scenes, which left me wondering, “what will they do next.”

Enter the Warriors Gate does well blending the fantasy with real life. I personally think, it ranks high on the B-movie scale and is worth a watch. I know my family and I will be watching it again.

Note: There are a few four-letter-words and some intense fighting that may not be good for all ages. The movie is rated PG-13, so if you are hoping for a younger audience to watch this film, I suggest previewing it first to be sure your child can handle it.

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