The Nut Job 2 Nutty by Nature is Explosively Fun

This is not a normal musical…in fact “The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature” isn’t a musical at all. The cute creatures of the park will not be singing in this hilarious sequel as squirrels, gophers, mice, moles, and other animals attempt to save their park.

I know what you are thinking…Why are the animals defending the park when Surly found a Nut Shop in the first movie? I wish I could say that takes a little explanation, but the simple fact is, the nut shop explodes. Yup, it blows up and takes it’s delicious, wonderful nuts with it. Which means, Surly and the park animals must once again scavenge for food in the harsh environment that is Liberty Park.

I will admit, when I sat down to watch Surly and his friends defend their home, I was sure this movie would be a sequel “B” movie. One of those that would have probably been better off left in concept form. I mean, Nut Job 1 did have a problem with Character development. The Characters were what we saw at face value, there wasn’t anything deeper. The same continues in Nut Job 2. This however, didn’t destroy the movie. The slapstick comedy and absurd situations helped me see past the character development flaw and had me and my family laughing.



The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature opens to a wild party within the Nut Shop, where animals, who used to live in the park, are now gorging themselves on the nuts that were left behind. It is chaos involving a peanut butter machine, steam, and perhaps a caffeine bean (at least I assume their was caffeine, because these animals were going nuts). It all ends in an explosive mistake leaving the animals to once again battle nature to survive. However, their bad luck doesn’t stop there. Mix in a crooked Mayor and his a lunatic daughter and the park that was once so pristine and beautiful falls victim to the worlds worst amusement park, Lie Land..I mean Liberty Land.

In an effort to move on, Andie sets forth on finding a new home in the park across the city. The trek across the city is actually quite hilarious as the gophers attempt to understand city life. In one particular scene, the gophers are trying to cross the street, but as they attempt to do so, a red hand flashes. Every time it flashes they stop in the middle of the street. It becomes a game of red light green light in a crosswalk. My whole family burst out laughing.

This wasn’t the only moment of laughter. Picture the voice of Jackie Chan coming out of a cute little white mouse. Actually don’t call him cute, he gets mean…really mean. After the mayor destroyed their park by putting up a golf course, the mice became vicious, defending their city turf from intruders. Of course, being lead by Jackie Chan means that the army of mice has ninja skills, which comes in handy when it comes to helping Surly defend his park.

With the cast also including Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias, the slapstick comedy is non-stop. The stupid yet hilarious antics are fun to watch. Basically, watch Nut Job 2 for the laughs, not for some amazing literary experience with dialog that belongs to history and performances that could win Oscars. The Nut Job 2 is what my family and I like to call “Stupid Fun.” It usually involves a movie that we can watch and just have a good time.

In honor of The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature being released on DVD and Blu-Ray, Universal Studios has released two yummy recipes inspired by nuts. The recipes include: Honey Nut Granola and Pretzel Turtles. CLick the image below to download the recipes. Then make and enjoy!

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