The War With Grandpa is Fun and Hilarious

1….2….3….4…. I declare a prank war! To be more precise, the war is actually The War with Grandpa. Starring some top names in the movie industry, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Rob Riggle, Cheech Marin, and Christopher Walken, the War With Grandpa is old school vs new school. We get to watch this war because it is now available on Digital and Blu-ray Combo.



I received the chance to watch and review The War With Grandpa and here is what I thought.

Based on Robert Kimmel Smith’s multi-award-winning beloved children’s book, The War With Grandpa becomes a live-action movie full of laughter and fun for the holidays. With an amazing cast and award-winning story, the movie brings out the smiles in their audience. I know I was smiling, awww-ing, and laughing throughout the movie.

The War With Grandpa is about a boy named Peter dealing with…well actually he is struggling to deal with a new live-in relative, his grandpa. The worst part is, his grandpa is taking his room. Frustrated with the situation, Peter declares a wat. Determined to push grandpa out the door, Peter, with the help from his friends, begins his prank apocalypses.

Let me put a warning in here: This is a family friendly movie filled with adorable family moments, lessons, and humor. However, if you have a child that loves to copy what he/she sees in films, this movie may not be for them. There are a lot of pranks in this film ranging from innocent tricks to more dangerous capers. For example, we have the ever popular shaving cream antics but it escalates to a snake in a bed and even the misuse of a life alert. If Home Alone is too much, I would say this movie is also too much for specific children. Parental Guidance and even a pre-watch is a must.

I will admit, even with all the crazy pranks, I wanted more. I wanted to see this war become an all out dug-trench, head to head, destructive antihalation of the two as each character attempts to top the last prank. The movie doesn’t feel like it is lacking, but I just wanted more hijinks. If one is going to make a movie with War in the title, I expect an all out battle.

The battle that does ensue features several pranks that are predictable and cliché, but the film also includes several pranks that I have never seen before. I have never really used a record player, so the prank of making a record fly around the room made me laugh so hard. Is it possible to actually concoct a prank like that and make it work? I have no idea. However, the prank was overly exaggerated and extremely fun to watch.

I think “overly exaggerated and extremely fun” is a great description of the film. The pranks are predictable but fun to watch. With the over exaggerating reactions and acting, it is simply a time killing film of hilariousness. If you are looking for something poetic, artistically brilliant, or containing a script that will make the world change, find something different to watch. The War With Grandpa is simply a fun film that will make the audience laugh, and I like that. I give it 5 stars.

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