Thor: Ragnarok is a Superhero Comedy

This Thunderous edition of Thor: Ragnarok (you see what I did there?) is blasting it’s way into homes through the wonderful world of Digital copies in HD, 4K Ultra HD, and Movies Anywhere right now. For those of us who would desire a physical copy, we will be able to add Thor: Ragnarok to our collection in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand on March 6.

I received a copy of the movie to review and I have to say, I loved it. {SPOILERS ARE BELOW}

Thor: Ragnarok starts in the most humorous way possible, with Thor, in a cage, talking to a dead guy about his previous exploits and his future endeavors. Thor’s communication with this skeleton breaks up the seriousness of the situation, allowing the audience to just have fun with this crazy moment. In fact, throughout the film, the drama is balanced with a wonderful comedic side that fans, including myself can relate to.

To start Thor: Ragnarok out in such a crazy way, means that the rest of the film better remain balanced in comedy and drama. I mean, if we can laugh at a firey demon (Surtur) and his lack of ability to communicate with his dreaded enemy, we better be able to laugh at almost anything.



Almost anything is exactly what we are given.. The humor doesn’t end with dialog. Epic fight scenes that should be doused in pain and despair are instead riddled with comedy gold. Hulk may smash, but what happens when Hulk tries to smash The God of Thunder? Thor has luxurious locks of golden hair, but what happens when Stan Lee decides to cut t off? These may not be massive scenes necessary for the plot of the story, but they are comedy gold allowing the characters to develop in a relatable way.

Action isn’t the only other form of comedy woven throughout Thor: Ragnarok. There are also moments where we question the sanity of the characters. For example, The Eternal Flame is what will give Surtur absolute power to destroy Asgard and all who live there. All he has to do is place his crown in the flame and Tada! So Thor, in his infinite wisdom, takes possession of the crown and has it stored near the Eternal Flame. Yeah. the one thing to bring Surtur back to life is now maybe 10 feet away from him. Way to go Thor!

To make this film even more hilarious, Jeff Goldblum plays the role of the Grandmaster, Thor’s newest enemy. He takes to the screen with one hilarity after another. Check out one of his bonus extended scenes for a sneak peek at is crazy humor.

Grandmaster and Topaz (Bonus Extended Scene)

Along with the Bonus extended scene, Thor Ragnarok also has several bonus extras including:
1) Deleted scenes
2) Gag Reel
3) Getting in touch with your inner Thor
4) Unstoppable Women: Hela & Valkyrie
5) Finding Korg
6) Exclusive Short – Team Darryl – (With Thor gone, Darryl run an ad for a new roommate)
7) Director’s commentary

Trust me, these are a must watch and a wonderful extra to have. Find out more about the bonus features and release dates on my Blog here: Thor: Ragnarok Will Strike Homes This March!

The comedy in Thor: Ragnarok makes me give this film a 5 out of 5 stars. The comedy makes this movie relatable, fun, and exciting to watch. It helps move the drama along so that we are never stuck in one spot for too long. I find it necessary to have refreshing humorous breaks as the drama unfolds, and Thor: Ragnarok nailed it.

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