TROLLS THE BEAT GOES ON Valentine’s Day Cards

Does anyone spread love better than a Troll from DreamWorks Animation and Netflix’s new series TROLLS THE BEAT GOES ON? Probably not! And so here’s some absolutely adorable Valentine’s Cards you can print and share with people you love! The glitter is implied but not included! 😉

Simply click the image below to download the printable Valentine’s Day cards! Then just print and create to give to your favorite person!



The PDF includes 8 cards

  1. I got a Biggie Crush on you
  2. You Make the World Sparkle
  3. My heart Beats for you
  4. I love you more than just a Smidge
  5. You make me put my guard down
  6. Hey Valentine, Let’s Party
  7. I’m walking on a Cloud when I’m with you
  8. We go together like Satin and Chenille

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