Unboxing a Large Black Box from Loot Crate

Let me ask everyone a random question. What would you do if you found a big black box sitting on your porch? Keep in mind the shipping label is on the bottom of the box, so it is sight unseen. I will admit, I paused and sort of stared at the dark monstrous box. Most things I order have some sort of logo printed on the outside: Amazon has the cool smiley face, Walmart say WALMART, and even Etsy orders tend to be more welcoming in their yellow envelopes or white priority boxes. This was new and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what would come in a plain blank box.



Half expecting blood to ooze out the sides and a sloshing sound to permeate the walls, I reluctantly picked up the box and brought it inside. Nothing oozed and nothing sloshed, so Halloween was not here to haunt me just yet. I checked the label, which still allowed the box to hide it’s secrets because all it said was that this box came from XB Logistics. What in the world is XB Logistics? A quick Google search only told me that it was a third party company which provides warehousing…The secrets continue.

Here is where I get crazy. I actually decide to open up this box. I grab purple gloves, a knife (never know, I may need it), and my phone. The video was going to be proof if this black box tries anything funny. FYI, this is the first time I have done an unboxing video and I was very nervous of what it might contain. Check out my unboxing video below.

Turns out the box is from Loot Crate! They sent me this box to review it and share what I think. Now that my heart is beating normally again, here is what I thought of this Loot Crate black box.

If you watched the video, you already know the black box and lack of information actually made me quite nervous. There was nothing to even explain where it came from. However, don’t be alarmed, I am told that all those who order a Loot Crate box will get one with an awesome Loot Crate Logo and all the epicness inside.

As for what was inside the black box, talk about a box that keeps on giving! Once I realized that this box was sent from Loot Crate, I enjoyed taking the items out and seeing what awesomeness it contained. Honestly it felt like Christmas. I also have family members fighting over the items they want.

All of the items in the Loot Crate box are really fun and cater to the geek in all of us. I think, for the most part, the items are well made, however, most of them do say “Made in China”. I went through what was included in my Loot Crate and picked out some of my favorites. I listed them below.

Loot Crate Lord Of the rings t-shirt

The Lord of the Rings T-shirt is a great graphic tee. It is soft, light weight, and breathable. The broken sword, Narsil, is a great subtle graphic that shows off one’s love for Lord of the Rings. This will probably become a go-to t-shirt of mine since it isn’t an in-your-face graphic T.

Frodo Baggins exclusive from Loot Crate

Frodo Baggins is a Mini Epics figurine, which just so happens to be a Loot Crate exclusive! Complete with curls, cape, and hair on his feet, this figurine is ready to stand and impress. What is really cool is that the Mini Epics are made by the artists of the film! The figurine comes with a clear plastic stand to display and enjoy. I love this figurine. Frodo’s expression is so adorable and almost has a Chibi look.

Loot Crate Coasters

World’s Best Taker-over-er is now my favorite coffee mug. The mug is a simple white mug with a print of Brain on the front. When I take my finger and rub over the image I can feel the ink., therefore, do not wash this in the Dishwasher. I suggest hand wash only. On a side note, I grew up watching Pinky and the Brain and when I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh. I always wanted to help Brain “try to take over the world!”

This Jaws drain stopper is hilarious. I think this drain stopper gets placed over the drain and the suction keeps it in place preventing the water from draining. I so needed this in my life! My drain was so boring. I believe it is made out of silicon or a soft plastic, there isn’t any info on the box so I am taking a guess. However, the box is very forceful in explaining that this is not a toy, it is an adult collectible. Talk about draining my excitement for an epic Jaws recreation in the bathtub.

The items I received are just a few examples of what Loot Crate buyers will find. Loot Crate has many different themes that spark the imagination of almost every geeky fan out there. The above image shows some great items people can receive in their very own Loot Crates. I can tell everyone right now that these will make an EPIC Christmas gift. With so many items inside and the fact that they are a complete surprise, it is the best unbocing fun! Also, you can be sure that the items inside will be worth the same, if not more than what you spent. Loot Crate does an awesome job! 5 Stars!

Visit Loot Crate now to see all of their current crates and get ready for the holidays. Of course, you can always keep them for yourself as well. I am keeping mine hahahaha

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