Valentine’s Day Cubeecraft Teddy Bears

These adorable little cubeecraft paper crafts are ready to print and be created, and best of all they are free printables. They make wonderful Decorations or a fun little gift.

As you can see from the image below, I changed the cubeecraft template to look as if the character is sitting down.
The feet tabs slide into openings that are cut on the body of the Teddy Bears.
When you are cutting out the teddy be sure to cut around the ears as well along the while line so that they stick up.

These even come with a printable candy heart that opens to display the mini candies.
Cut out the hearts as one piece. Be Sure They Do Not Get separated.
Fold the two hearts that have tabs together, color sides out.
Fold the last heart with no tab over the candy image.
This candy heart will slide into an opening on the right arm.
Be sure that you do not slide the heart without a tab in the hole. It needs to be able to open and close.

Click the picture to get the teddy bears
Valentine Teddy small

This Valentine’s Day teddy bear comes in 3 colors: Pink, Purple, and Brown (original).

here are a few ideas on what you can do with this sweet cubeecraft:
~~put candies in the head or body of the bear and give it as a gift.
~~Make several of these in all three colors, connect them to a string and make a banner or Valentine’s day Garland
~~Glue or tape them to the front of a homemade card
~~Have each one hold a clue to a scavenger hunt

What are you going to use these cute little cubeecraft paper crafts for?
Share your ideas in the comments below



  1. I redid the head because you do not like a hole in the head

    1. Awesome Job and perfect for those who do not want the hole 😀 Thanks for sharing!

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